City of Hope in Tanzania, Africa

Hi everyone! I have exciting news! My sister, Grace Pittman, is going back to Tanzania, Africa to the City of Hope! This will be her third trip to the City of Hope. Her heart belongs there. It won't surprise me if she ends up their for life one day. She craves and thirsts to be … Continue reading City of Hope in Tanzania, Africa

Dates, arguments, & kisses

Guys, I have been married for 9ish months. That is literally so little time, but I have felt the most intense lesson in these past months, one that Nathan and I have taken SO SO seriously so that our marriage will thrive... for 108 more years, haha!! It is so fun to go on dates … Continue reading Dates, arguments, & kisses

What if we prepared our hearts the way we prepare our homes?

I love a good event to prepare my home for. I love to deep clean, burn candles and have the entire house looking & smelling fresh.  I love to decorate in theme of the event, although I haven't excelled in this area yet. I dream about the days where we will host large parties and … Continue reading What if we prepared our hearts the way we prepare our homes?

Being Intentional in Your Marriage

Being intentional in your pursuits are always important in all relationships. However, Nathan & I have really started to understand the importance of being intentional. We use to see each other in breaks in our schedules while we were dating, or we would just wing it and figure something out. It was tough,  but at … Continue reading Being Intentional in Your Marriage