Special bed

There is something so special and intimate about knowing each night I get to lie down next to my better half. I get to embrace his snuggles and feel whole. and then a few minutes later make him steer clear of my 3/4 of the bed so I can get my beauty rest 😉 This … Continue reading Special bed

Sweet potatoes & Duke University

...an hour later, my sweet potato sitting in my tiny little toaster oven cranked up to 400+ degrees, IS STILL HARD. Tonight I made Italian chicken and had no idea what to have with it sense a salad is not an option because a salad isn't even good unless it's loaded down with ranch and … Continue reading Sweet potatoes & Duke University

For The Girl Who Doesn’t Enjoy The College Life

College is tough!  It seems that so many people love the college life, they make new friends, and enjoy many new adventures. Some would refer to this season as "the best time of my life." But what about the far and few who struggle with the college life? Who find it hard to make friends? … Continue reading For The Girl Who Doesn’t Enjoy The College Life