Blessings & Lessons of 2019

2019 was a year packed full of events, travels, so many blessings, & so many lessons. So grateful for every single one. Every blessing & every hardship, every one of them mold us into who we are if we allow them.

My greatest blessing: Man, it’s hard to choose just one, but really it would have to be my husband. He keeps me grounded. He keeps me laughing in any situation. He consistently builds me up when I am torn down. He is a constant encourager. He is my best friend. He always wants me to leap at the chance to be with my girl friends. He works so hard in all that he does. He is quick to apologize. He is always quick to snuggle. He is literally my biggest blessing. And because of that all of our other blessings are so great because we get to experience them together.

My greatest lesson: It is 100% okay to do what you need to do to be the healthy version of you. Put boundaries in place. Follow Holy Spirit’s lead. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. Saying “no” is o.k.a.y. You do not have to feel guilty for what you are not doing wrong. Overthinking will make every single one of your days miserable. Anxiety sucks. But my God, defeats it all. He fights our battles. He suits us in armor. He prepares us for what’s to come. He comforts us. He leads.

Word for 2020: Courageous- I want to be courageous in my job. I want to be courageous in the decisions I make. I want to be courageous in every aspect of my life. 

Picture recap:

Super Bowl with a big ole PATS WIN!!

Dancing through the whole year ❤my snuggly baby cousin Nathan’s first speaking engagement – UNCP Chancellor’s Luncheon (I was probably the proudest wife there haha!!)First NY trip of the year w/ a little surprise graduation fun 😊Easter at River Valley & the launch of River Valley’s new building!

G R A D U A T E S !!!!

Our girl’s Sweet 16!! – Time please slow down

Jamiee’s unofficial tour of Elon college.  

My BFF got engaged and I was so honored to be apart of their special day.

One WHOLE month between graduation and my job starting to spending resting and relaxing with my favorite guy. Probably the most treasured month of the year!

We got to keep my little brother a couple times this summer- wish he didn’t live so far away!

Nana’s birthday is July 4th, so her celebration is basically always cool.

Shopping with our Jamiee girl is pretty much a staple event as it’s basically her favorite thing to do!

We modeled for Cirque91 out of Raleigh & it was so fun!! & hot!

We enjoyed manny Durham Bulls baseball games, but the Italian Ice and sunset sky really just topped it all off.

Learning to take spur of the moment dates to make sure we are feeding our relationship. I give it a 10/10 😉 (Plus, we love to try good local spots)

Made friends with a girl that works at the same location as I (woohoo!) & she has the sweetest baby that feeds my baby fever!

Never taking a moment like this for granted ❤️  #ProudBigSis

Lots and lots and lots of sibby/cousin snuggles this year. Really embracing the blessing of family.

Taking Aubri out for girls day 🙂

My parents wedding anniversary was in October. We kept the kids for the weekend for their first getaway in TEN years. It was Daniel’s first sleepover & I felt so honored that it was with Nathan and I. We love these kids with every fiber of our beings.

So MANY Duke basketball games this year and I cannot get enough of it. So much fun!!

Surprised my cousins by flying to New York and it was probably the best surprise I have ever been apart of pulling off before. Check my Insta highlight “Cousins” for the videos, you won’t regret it!! @hannah_bekkah

Went dress shopping for Hannah’s wedding and talked about how all of our childhood dreams are coming true (Maybe that’ll be a future post, because it’s radical 😉)

Annual Thanksgiving grandkids picture. I love how special these are as we watch ourselves grow up over the years and have new people come into our family to grow up alongside. We love foster care and the ministry that it provides.


Every Friday after Thanksgiving, the whole family goes to pick out a Christmas tree for Nana and Pa’s house. And well, I have also trained this cute baby to say “Hannah is my favorite cousin” by bribing him with gum, so I mean that is a pretty high success for 2019 😛

Nathan surprised the boys with a Duke game and I am pretty sure he won coolest dude of the year in their books.

Another spur of the moment date that refills my tank so well ❤  (Really, Chipotle burritos are pretty magical as is though)

Grace graduated and is a NURSE !! I was so happy to see her graduate. So proud of her!

We spent three hours looking at Christmas lights with Nana a couple days before Christmas and it was so magical.

4th Christmas with this youngin’

My Tarheel loving Dad came to a Duke game and chanted “Lets go Duke!!!” throughout the entire game, so this satisfied me for life pretty much.

Our girls first Duke game & how we celebrated New Years Eve!


And well, if you have made it this far, I hope you enjoyed a look through my year.

*Please remember, these are happy moments. In no way do I have a perfect life. These are highlights of memories I will hold dear forever. I would bet all social media is like that #EndComparison *

Enjoy these moments and tell me about your happiest moments this year that will be your favorite memories!! Leave them in the comments below 😊

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