Thought of the day

In my office, there are these lady bugs that continuously buzz themselves on the light everyday until they eventually die. There is a barrier around this light that could prevent this from happening, but they find the smallest cracked space in the barrier and buzz themselves to death anyways.

Just like people, we make choices as to whether or not we will go down the path that continues to “buzz” us until death, or whether we will see that there is a barrier around that path for our own good.

God leads us and guides us. He gives us direction. He even puts barriers in our way of things that may harm us. But ultimately, it is our choice. It’s our choice to choose decisions that will build up our lives and edify him or choices that will tear down and lives and dishonor him.

Just a little message I felt in my spirit today that I thought I would share. I love reminders from the Lord, they keep me growing.

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