the reality of PTSD

Hi friends, I am happy to be back to writing some. I hope you guys enjoy today’s blog and that it will create some discussion among yourselves and in this community.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a pretty commonly known subject now a days. But I think that there are bits and pieces of it that are unknown or misunderstood. Today, I am here to address some of those.
I first learned about PTSD as a young kid and in relation to the Army. Understandably. I would like to pause here to thank every single person who gives their lives and their family lives as a sacrifice for our freedom. You are a hero.
As I got older, I started learning that it also occurs in the lives of everyday people. I am going to be 110% vulnerable right now and expect respect in return. I learned this through my own experience with PTSD. Sometimes, PTSD is not completely manifested in one’s life until the traumatic events are done taking place. It’s like for the years that the trauma occurs, your mind and body is in fight or flight mode. You are strong and ready to defend at any moment. But once the trauma has ended, once you are completely safe and out of harms way, PTSD comes in like a tornado. The constant flashbacks that put you in a shock mode. The various noises that cause you to scream and go still. The familiarity of faces or scents that make you want to vomit. Nightmares that have you fearing for your life in the moment. Basically, anything can be a trigger. Anything that reminds the mind of the trauma you once endured can put you in a place of shock or high stress.
Other people may begin to experience the problems with PTSD immediately during the traumatic events. It is all based on the person, their mind, their experiences, etc.
I say these things to bring awareness. Not awareness for a cure. But awareness for understanding. Awareness for normalcy. Awareness to speak out. Awareness to encourage mental health. Awareness to encourage therapy/counselling.
I want people who experience these things to not be afraid to speak out about them. It is so freeing to speak about the things you’ve been through, to get them out of your head. There is absolutely nothing at all to be ashamed of when you experience these moments. It takes time to find healing. It takes prayer. It takes reaching out for help.
Please do not ever be afraid to speak out and to receive help. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.
Reach out to the people you know, encourage them to speak up. Encourage them to find a therapist.
Life is worth living. YOUR life is worth living.
If you know someone who has experienced trauma or you see the signs of trauma, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Say kind things, take them for coffee, have a movie night with them, encourage them to get help, whatever it is, your reaching out could save a life. Your reaching out could put a smile on a face. Your reaching out might just improve someones mental health and help them get back to a life of normalcy, whatever normal is 😉
Love you friends ❤

6 thoughts on “the reality of PTSD

  1. Hi Hannah! This is a great read, and so true! Thank you for encouraging other to be kind and, in a sense, love like Jesus loves! It sounds like you have first hand experience with this. Praise God for your courage to reach out and encourage others to get help! Thank you for that!


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