“I want to feel comfortable with my body”

Recently, my family and I were shopping at Tanger Outlets. We went into Gap & the sales lady was telling my second mom and I that there was a huge sale on crop tops on the rack over there. I jokingly whispered “I prefer the bottom half of my shirt to still be intact.” And we laughed and went on perusing the clothing racks.


Today’s culture tells us “I want to feel comfortable with my body.”

Is that really the reasoning for the lessening in clothes worn today?

I don’t think it is.

The reason for crop tops, bikinis, short-shorts, all of it is for attention. Attention via “likes” on social media. Attention via guys. Attention via competition for popularity.

It is not about being comfortable in your body. I promise you that the level of comfort you have with your body comes from within. Sure fashion can make you feel well and attention can make you feel good, but honestly there is a whole new level of comfort when you learn to respect your body, yourself, and your (future) spouse. It brings a level of satisfaction greater than any small piece of clothing will ever bring.

I’m not saying this from a judge-y stand point either. I use to do those things. I wore the bikinis and the short shorts. It’s humiliating to look back on. But it makes me grateful for the lessons I have learned along the way and that is what I want other women to understand.

Comfort with your body comes from within. It comes from self-positive talk. It comes from acceptance of self. It comes from the Lord. It comes from positive people speaking life into you. Respect yourselves ladies and respect your husbands.

Respect those around you by not reducing your clothing to nothing. Don’t be the temptation to bring another to sin. You can’t use the excuse “guys should keep their eyes to themselves” while you’re out there drawing their eyes over. I applaud the guys who do turn their heads and do not lust. However, it isn’t fair for them to go into public and have to constantly turn their heads because women do not respect themselves or others enough to cover their bodies.

It’s modesty friends. It’s respect. It’s love for self, for spouse, for God, and for others.

Love you so much friends ❤


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