6 Things Cashiers Hate

Being a cashier can be an incredibly fun job. You make so many different relationships just by checking people out on a regular basis. But there are some things that drive cashiers up the wall. If you’d like to be friends with your cashier read these notes:

  1. Hand your money to your cashier. A cashier does not reach out their hand for a customer to throw money at them or for it to be laid on the belt.
  2. One way to make a cashier really grit their teeth is stick your hands across the counter and get in the way of their work. The cashier is trained. If you want an extra bag, all you have to do is ask. Cashiers are restricted on the # of bags they can give out, so you have to request extra. You aren’t the one who gets in trouble for giving out “too many bags.” Remember that!
  3. GET OFF YOUR PHONES!! Cashiers are humans, not robots. When cashiers say “Hi, how are you?” It is considered 100% rude to treat them as if they do not exist while you carry a conversation on your phone. Put it down for two minutes to make a connection with another person. Two kind words can make someones day.
  4. Please for the love of all things, put your meats in a bag. Cashiers hate salmonella, e- coli., & every other meat juice disease as much as the next person.
  5. This shouldn’t even have to be stated, but grown men, that teenager is absolutely too young for you. But you already know that.
  6. Lastly, remember that the cashiers are not the management. They cannot control that there are not enough lanes open. They cannot control that the price of your canned corn is too high. They cannot control that all of America wanted to shop on Tuesday afternoon at 4:58. They cannot control that their systems crash. They cannot control everything, so keep that in mind as you bless them out for that canned corn going up to 50 cents.

So friends, be patient, be kind, be respectful, and remember we once lived in a world where we spoke to the person in front of us.

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