Chipped Spaces

Tonight as I sat at our desk spending time with the Lord, I noticed that the desk is chipped everywhere. So, I started coloring all the chipped spaces with a brown Sharpie to blend them back in with the desk. It kind of worked. Then again, it kind of looks like dark brown polka dots on a lighter brown desk if you look closely.

In my devotions I was reading out of 1 Peter chapter 2. Just the first section. Peter was telling us how we are like stones when we are the Lords people. Verse 5 says ” you yourselves, as living stones, are being built into a spiritual house for a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God.” I am a visual person, so I started visualizing what this meant for me and my life. I am one stone. I exist in a community of stones (the body of Christ). We are built into a house.. so here is what I have imagined (or something like this):

Image result for stone built houses
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Somehow, these two little bits of a story have a silver lining.

The chipped spaces on our desk represent sin. The brown Sharpie represents someone trying to hide their sin, but realizing the sin still exists. All it takes is for someone to look just a little closer to notice it is there.

The stone house. I am a stone, but every time I sin I chip a piece of my stone off. Every time others around me sin, they chip a piece of their stone off. With so many stones chipping without repair, the house will crumble.

Friends, sin is human nature. When Adam & Eve took that bite of fruit in the Garden of Eden, it made it impossible for humans to not sin. However, when we try to cover our sins or hide them, we only make things muddier for ourselves. Our houses crumble, our relationships can crumble, our mental health can crumble, you get the picture. Rather than color over the chipped spots of sin in your life, call to the Father. Ask Him for His forgiveness. Ask Him for guidance. Ask Him to make a disciple of you, leading you in the way that is true and right. Then, there is nothing to color over or no house to fall down. There is a brand new un-chipped desk and a house so sturdy not even the greatest storm can tear it down. Christ makes us white as snow when we ask Him for forgiveness.

No sin is too great for our God to forgive. No chipped space, no broken stone. ALL are repairable. ALL are redeemable. Whether small or large. In God’s eyes, He see’s sin as sin. No color coating charts to define which as which, but rather sin that just hurts Him to the core. He loves us so much, embrace that love. Don’t stress about coloring over the chipped spaces in your life, hiding the sin. Rather, ask God for forgiveness. Turn over a new leaf. Find community who will support you in this journey or decision. Embrace who you are in Christ, friend ❤

If for some reason this relation only makes sense in my head, the bottom line is this: Don’t try to hide your sins from God because He knows all. Nothing is hidden from Him. Also because hiding things becomes too hard, too stressful, and ultimately starts to breakdown relationships in your life.



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