6 Things Cashiers Hate

Being a cashier can be an incredibly fun job. You make so many different relationships just by checking people out on a regular basis. But there are some things that drive cashiers up the wall. If you'd like to be friends with your cashier read these notes: Hand your money to your cashier. A cashier … Continue reading 6 Things Cashiers Hate

Chipped Spaces

Tonight as I sat at our desk spending time with the Lord, I noticed that the desk is chipped everywhere. So, I started coloring all the chipped spaces with a brown Sharpie to blend them back in with the desk. It kind of worked. Then again, it kind of looks like dark brown polka dots … Continue reading Chipped Spaces

Saying “yes” to time with Jesus is saying “yes” to my marriage

A daily "yes" to time in the word is a daily "yes" to my marriage. It's a "yes" to the output of work in my career. It's a "yes" to my friendships. It's a "yes" to my mental health. So often, it is easy to push aside daily devotion time & time spent in prayer … Continue reading Saying “yes” to time with Jesus is saying “yes” to my marriage