Why I’ve been A-wall + GIMH Market

Hi friends!!

I’ve been completely a-wall for over a week now. I know, sorry! It’s been so busy. My husband & I graduated with our Bachelor’s. We spent time with family celebrating. We moved to Durham, NC. We threw my SIL a sweet sixteen. We have been furniture shopping and unpacking. SO BUSY.


In the midst of the busy, I have saw God’s hands all around us. Originally, I was hoping to start my new job mid-may, AKA yesterday. However, that did not happen because I cannot start until the university sends over my transcript. But what’s cool is, I felt God tell me ever so clearly that I needed this break. Some of you may know, but for the past 4.5ish months I have worked consecutive 60 hour weeks with no break. I have been exhausted, my body has ached in every way possible, and I was surviving on nothing but caffeine in the truest sense. I know for a fact that God knew that my body needed time to rejuvenate before beginning a career that demands my highest attention and care. And I am so grateful. I have not felt so well rested and naturally energized in a year probably. It amazes me how God continuously prepares the way for me. He is far wiser than I will ever be and for that I am so grateful to Him.

Second, I have started a small scale what I like to call “GIMH Market.” I have items that I have thrifted, items that I no longer wear that are in great condition, and some of my SIL’s items posted. All of these items are located on my Poshmark: Hannahkelley927 & Facebook Marketplace: Hannah Rebekkah Kelley. It’s been a super fun new journey. I am continuously learning new things and creating new relationships through this fun hobby.

Third, our buddy from UNCP who Nathan & I became so close with is right down the road from us and that is a blessing in itself. It is so nice to have a friend close when moving to a larger city knowing no one. Tonight, we coincidentally had our weekly Tuesday night dinner and let me tell you, it was even better in Durham.

The Lord always knows exactly what we need and He always holds true to His promises. I praise Him for always providing a way.

So friends, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been or why you haven’t received any blogs, this is why. Also because I just got wifi tonight and the amount of data we have used the past two weeks is CRAZY! HAHA!



P.S. A super duper surprise is coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!!

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