Work Ethic- The Make it or Break it of the Future

Hard work isn’t easy. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it comes in forms of work that we love, other times in really hard work.

There is a lack of hard work in today’s world, a sense of laziness if you will.

Maybe I notice it because I am much older, but maybe it is increasing in today’s society.

Hard work is in-existent, not always but it sure feels like it now a days.

Students don’t want to study, they just want the degree.

People don’t want to work, they just want the money and the paid time off.

People don’t want to live within their means, but want to live outside of their means creating a rather large debt and an even larger financial need.

There is such a lack of a hard work ethic.

  • Work Hard. Work the hours necessary to make your family survive.
  • Students of ALL ages- STUDY!! Forget what’s popular by demand and work your butt off in school. Schooling is getting more and more competitive. Sitting in class on your phone will do you no good. Take notes, ask the teachers/professors questions. If you don’t get the answer you want, Google it! There is a world inside of the internet that can literally teach you anything for all understandings.
  • Live within your means. Don’t live above them. You don’t need that shirt, you want it. You don’t need that canister of protein powder, you want it. You don’t need the Jaguar, you want it.

Quite bluntly, without hard work you will get no where. I mean sure maybe you have a family member or friend who can get you somewhere because of your name or status, but did you really earn that spot?

Work hard. Get off your tail and work hard. It is so much more rewarding to earn an A when it is studied for rather than guessed or cheated for. It is so much more rewarding to be able to pay all your bills than part of them because you decide to leave work early every other day. It is so much more rewarding to just make something of yourself. You are created with a purpose and part of that purpose is not to be lazy. Point blank.

When I look at the world around me I see so much good, don’t get me wrong. But the level of laziness I see today drives me up the wall.

Think about it like this- You are a business owner. You have an employee that is the janitor, but every day when you come into your business you see dust on the merchandise, you see messy bathrooms, hand prints on the glass. Would you keep that employee? Or you have an employee who consistently calls out, asks to go home early every shift, would you keep that employee? Or you own a farm, but the cows are never milked, the eggs are never gathered, the horses are never exercised. Would you keep that ranch hand?

Guys, each and every one of you are capable of making something of yourselves. Sure, there are always special circumstances, but even in those circumstances God has a purpose and with that purpose it takes work to complete it.

Let your work in school, your work in your job/career, your work in your family life, your work in your home, and your work wherever you are reflect goodness and solidity. A good work ethic can be the make or break it of your future.

Cheers to making something of ourselves,

Han ❤

P.S. – I finally graduated this week & retired my Food Lion badge. This badge is just about five years old. It’s been with me since the very beginning. It’s been through every department except for two in the store, if you can’t tell. It’s been in the stage of a minor not allowed to work over  30 hours a week and graduated to a 40 hour work week. It’s been in  60 hour work weeks sharing it’s spot with another company every day for a semester. It’s been a blessing. The Lord truly blessed me with a job that was so great to get me through high school and college. He blessed me with relationships that were formed and he blessed me with lessons on work ethic. This badge is in the trash, but the memory of it is forever burned into my memory.

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