Dear single friends,

Dear single friends,

I hear you all of the time swooning over your friends relationships and marriages, the engagements, the sweet photos, & the mushy stories.

I see you scrolling through social media & wishing you had the same thing.

I remember our conversations that we have every so often. I think on them frequently.

Friend, it is OKAY to not be in a relationship. My time is not your time. Your time is not my time.

We are all created with unique purposes & with those purposes are unique time frames.

Please understand that my relationship does not determine your worth of a relationship.

Your worth is determined by our maker.

You are worthy of waiting for the relationship that is destined for you by God, because only then will you experience the most radical love by a man. Or men, will you experience that radical love of a woman.

Friend, my time is simply not your time.

Enjoy the season you are in because before you know it that season will change. & it will be just as lovely if not more lovely, but don’t miss where you are now.

Your time. Your life. Your unique purpose.

My time. My life. My unique purpose.

Remember that, friends, we are all created with a purpose that is specially customized to who we are and who the Lord is. If we all had the same story lines, we would practically be robots. Life would be so boring.

So single friends, stop your worrying. Embrace your season because soon enough you will no longer be able to sleep with half your bed filled with laundry. You’ll actually have to fold it… or just find another spot to dump it.

Friend, I love you & I care about you way to much to have you worrying over something so simple that will come. Let’s go grab some coffee, take a walk through the park, lay in bed chatting til we fall asleep, or sledding down an incredibly steep snowy hill. Let’s just enjoy the here & now.

Love always,

Han ❤

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