a bouncin’ baby

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend.

My husband & I celebrated by going to Upstate New York. We have family up there, so we went to enjoy their company and celebrate the church, River Valley, launching weekly services in their brand new building!! It was super exciting and has been incredible to see how God has worked in so many hearts the past two years to make this happen!

As I am flipping back through pictures from this weekend, the Lord gave me a gentle message through one of the “Boomerangs” I took with the baby of our clan.

Take a look:


This is Benjamin. He is the most fun, silly kid. His personality has bloomed so much this year. He is absolutely hilarious with his mischievous ways and constant belly laughs.

Benjamin and his siblings have a playground in their yard with a good-size slide on it. Benjamin loves the slide. He waits at the top to go down it. He stares at it with anticipation, but he won’t go down. Not alone. He refuses. He won’t go down if you hold his hand. He won’t go down if you are at the bottom waiting to catch him. He won’t go down no matter how much you reassure him it is safe. The only way he will go down is if you go with him, sit him in your lap, and then slide. He loves that. He loves how fast it goes. He is thrilled by sliding. He wants to do it over and over again, but he won’t unless you do it with him.

What is it that God is coaxing us to step out and do? What are we afraid of that keeps us from pursuing His plans for us? Are we letting fear consume us and keep us from so much joy?

I know personally that is a tough battle. It is tough to let go and to just trust God, but oh it is so worth it. It is hard. It is something that has to be practiced and mastered. It is something that needs tuning from time to time.

Is it that job leap? Does God want you to move and you just can’t quite let go?

Is it a giving leap? Is God calling you to give more financially or timely?

Is it something in your school life? With your kids?

Whatever it is, take the leap. Enjoy the fun along the way. Forget the stress of it. If God is calling you to take this next step, then He is going to be there every step of the way. Just like with Benjamin. He had so much fun sliding in my lap. He trusted me to not let him get hurt because I was with him the entire time.

Trust what God is calling you too and trust Him to carry you through it.

Faith. Trust. Honesty.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.


a gal learning to leap


P.S. Just in case you want to see a super cute video- watch this!

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