That southern man..

To me there is nothing more attractive than a Jesus-loving man. That is the number one most attractive quality about a guy. I love to see men surrendering themselves to the King of all Kings in prayer, worship, and daily living. However, there are many more qualities I find so attractive about my husband, qualities that I could never live without. So, I thought I would share these qualities with you.

  1. As stated above- A life lead by Jesus, a man who loves like Jesus, & a man who continuously seeks to grow in His relationship with Jesus.
  2. A man who will hold you when you cry, for no reason at all, or for the most serious reason. When he understands you, comforts you, prays with you, and takes you out for ice cream to improve your mood.
  3. A hard-working man. Never in my life will I ever discredit a hard work ethic. A man who works hard for himself and then for both you and him, that holds a lot of weight in what your future together will be like.
  4. A goofball. There is nothing more fun than ragging on each other and laughing so hard your belly hurts.
  5. A good’ole southern gentleman. Opened doors, walking on the inside of the sidewalk, a 24/7 security feature, a prayer for everything, sweet words, a leader of the home, bacon aromas swinging through the house on a Saturday morning– alllll the things that make me swoon.

These are 5 of the 8 billion qualities I find attractive in my husband. Probably the top 5. He makes me swoon pretty much on a daily basis. He is smart, funny, a hard worker, the most loyal man I have ever known, the biggest lover ever, such a Jesus freak and so much more. Like I mean just look at him (all the hearty eyes).

Casually sipping coffee after speaking at the Chancellor’s UNCP Spring Board of Visitor’s Meeting- SO handsome, I know!

So, what do you find attractive in your husband? Or boyfriend? If you’re single, what is on your list of must-have’s for the guy you dream of??

Sorry guys, I know this is such a mush blog. But I still want to know! What do you find most attractive in your wife or girlfriend? What do you single guys have on your must-have list for the gal you dream of??

I love this subject. I love seeing people happily in-love. I love and have SO MUCH respect for those of you waiting for the right person to come along. And I am so proud of those of you who are hurting from broken relationships, but are allowing the Lord to re-piece you in His timing.

Love is such a beautiful thing. By far my most favorite thing that God could have ever of created. Heck, He created us with love in mind. There is truly nothing like it. I hope everyone discovers love in one form or another.

Cheers to love worth waiting for,

Han ❤

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