Girl, you ARE enough!

To all the ladies in the room,

You ARE enough.

You ARE beautiful just the way you are.

You CAN do whatever you put your mind too.

You ARE worthy of kind words.

You ARE capable of all of your dreams.

You ARE raising those babies well.

You ARE enough!!



We are enough. We all so easily slip into these negative thoughts that we feed ourselves or thoughts that we allow others to feed us and it is so unhealthy!

We do not all have to be the trending size to be beautiful. Each woman is created by God in total uniqueness to oneself. You are beautiful. Tell yourself that. I will too.

You are enough. Don’t try to measure up to someone else’s achievements. Find your own marks and measure up to those. Work hard and play hard. You are enough. Tell it to yourself. Let’s say it together, “I am enough!” 

You are capable of whatever you can dream of. You want to be a doctor? Work your butt off, study hard, consult with the Lord, & be a doctor. You want to be a stay at home mom? Consult with the Lord, pray for patience, pray for wisdom in raising your babies, and wait for His timing. You are capable of the dreams you have and the life God has given you.

You are worthy of kind words. You are worthy of kind actions. You are worthy of offered help. Ladies, we do not have to do everything alone. We can allow people in to help us. We can allow people to boost our confidence with kind words and actions. We are worthy of genuine kindness and friendship. Embrace it.



The lady next door

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