Today’s Temptation

Many things are tempting in today’s world. One of the largest tempters I see today (in my opinion) is pre-marital sex, but among many others. Guys, temptations are real. In no way do I deny that. I have experienced them just like every other human. No one person is exempt from temptation. Even Jesus was not exempt when He came to Earth. He experienced them just like we do, yet He never sinned. He felt everyone of our sins and died on the cross to save us from them. What a powerful kind of love.

We are influenced by movies/TV shows that make sex look like a magical euphoria that is supposedly meant to be had anywhere at any time. Point blank- sex of any nature is not meant for anyone other than a husband and wife. It is not meant for your eyes to see on a TV screen. It is not meant for your ears to hear in music. It is not meant for your fingers to scroll through on phones. It is not meant for your mind to experience through pages in a book. It is meant for a husband and wife only. Period.

Cussing. Get around a crew who cusses a lot and all of sudden it is “cool” or a part of language that is natural. But guys it isn’t cool. I hear nails on a chalk board when I hear people cuss. I seriously cannot stand it. It is easy to cuss if you allow yourself to be apart of that nature, so don’t, pull yourself away. If you are someone who cusses, find a way to break that habit, whether you are a Christian or not. It simply sounds trashy.. Find a reward system like every time you slip up and cuss you have to pay $1.00 to someone else. That could add up fast. I am sure something of that sort would break the habit and I bet you will feel so much better about yourself, even to the extent of your confidence in yourself building up. It makes you feel like a better person and even greater, it pleases the Lord.

Drinking and smoking. That is such a peer pressure in today’s day and age. I find so many young people fall into the choices of drinking or smoking because that is what they’re friends do. Guys, it isn’t cool. Drunkenness and highs are just not cool. It is downright sin. God has grace though and he offers us that grace through change, through salvation, and through commitment to change our ways.

Dressing inappropriately is another huge temptation. I see this especially amongst young women who are trying to fit in with the crowd. I cannot stress enough how much dressing inappropriately is not needed. I understand the temptation, truly. The need to fit in seems so heavy and for young girls it is a make it or break it feeling, but if I can just tell you that the way you dress should not be the making or the breaking of fitting in with the in-crowd. My sister-in-law is 15 years old and I heard her say one of the wisest things to come out of a young persons mouth. She said “That boy should not be asking you to wear leggings on a date. That is not even appropriate.” In my heart, I felt so proud of her. I felt that she had a great understanding of wisdom in that moment. But ladies, she is right. I have been on that side of the fence where I wore short shorts, bikinis, and whatever else to fit in with the in-crowd, to help me to feel accepted by my peers, or to allow more people to notice me. Let me tell you, in no way does dressing in the least amount of clothing bring about the right people. Because it does not. Seriously. Ladies, if a boy is drawn to you because you are wearing a bikini that hides as much as underwear does, or way to short of shorts, or something of this nature, he is simply not the one. If it takes wearing minimal clothing to get in with that group of girl-friends, find a different group that will support modesty.

So here’s the deal, a Godly man wants a Godly woman. A Godly man wants to have a modest woman. He wants his wife or future wife to reserve what is rightfully meant for his eyes to only be for his eyes. Why flaunt what you have to other people when it should be reserved for your husband? I regret the choices I use to make in my clothing. I could have been a heck of a lot more modest back in the day. But I am thankful for God’s grace. I am thankful for a husband who not only wants me to be modest for his sake but respects me more for being modest. I am thankful for a husband who turns his head or closes his eyes when a screen or a picture or a person walks by looking inappropriate. I am thankful for a husband who unfriends or unfollows people on social media who post inappropriate posts in order to keep his eyes clean for his soul’s sake and for the purpose of keeping his eyes for me. Guys, the Lord made our body’s to be uniquely ours and our spouses. They are not for anyone else’s eyes nor hands.

To wrap it up, temptations in this world are real. There is no denying that. How we handle them is our choice. Do we walk away or do we choose to partake of sin?

Side note, God is full of forgiveness and grace. A past of yesterday or yester-year, is forgiven by God if we choose to accept His forgiveness. Friends, it is worth it. Like I say in many other posts, find an accountability partner. Find someone who will correct you if you start falling on the wrong path. Check out Hebrews 2:5-18 to see how Jesus was tempted through humanity but withstood from it all.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

Friends, I know you can withstand temptation through the power of Christ inside of you. I am cheering you on!




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