He said- She said

It straight up HURTS to be talked about behind your own back. Seems like now a days almost every conversation you hear is about someone else and when you aren’t in that conversation it may just be about you. It is SO common.

But… how many of us are guilty of allowing other peoples names to come out of our mouths when they aren’t around?? How many of us are guilty of participating in a conversation about other people?

Y’all it is wrong. Straight up wrong. No sugar coating it.

When we find out that our names have come out of someone else’s mouth it stings. I don’t know about you, but when I hear about my name being spoken about in an ugly way, I hurt. I feel angry. I want to try and convince the people who heard the lies or ugly words that they are false. I want to just hide in a hole. But then I am reminded that I am a daughter of the king. I am chosen. I am not forsaken. And because of these things those words cannot harm me because the people who know me will know them to be untrue.

Here’s what I also know- it can be so easy to talk about other people. I would go to the extent to say it is a bad habit of human nature. So here we are, realizing this truth. Let’s break the habit. In the past yearish, I have realized how easy it is to allow people’s names to slip out of your mouth to other people. And when the realization hit me, I felt horribly guilty. It’s not that we are bad people. It is natural to want to tell other people enticing things. There are many reasons people talk. However, when we realize that we are participating in gossiping, that is when we need to put a stop to it. Seriously, bite your tongue every single time you go to tell someone anything about anyone else that is not a positive thing. It can be harder than it sounds because again, bad habit. However, it is possible. 100%.

Pray for the Lord to help you see past what you are currently seeing to be a better person.

When others want to talk to me about another person, I have chosen to keep quiet and not respond or talk about positive things. For instance, “She is seriously just so sweet.” Simple nice things are all that should come out of your mouth about someone else. Let’s put an end to the gossip. Let’s put an end to hurting other people and being hurt ourselves. Not only is it humanly wrong, but it is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. Speak kindly and positively about other people. Find someone to keep you accountable while on this journey. No one is perfect, heck I know I am not. Apologize when you mess up and keep trying harder.

Guys, it isn’t easy but once it becomes the lifestyle you choose, then it is easy. Easy and worth it. It makes you feel like such a better person to be positive and kind.

Levi Lusko said something that really stuck with me, “If Jesus is the Lord of my life, then He should be the Lord of my lips too.”

Lets fill our communities with kind words.



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