“Man you are so young…”

All the time Nathan & I both hear “You’re married!?” “You are so young” “You’re too young!”

Literally. ALL. THE. TIME.

So let me speak for both Nathan, myself, and anyone else who gets comments like these.

We are not too young. I would say “I do” to my Nathan 1 million more times. I choose to be his wife today and everyday. Not a second has passed by that I have thought to myself “Man, I married too young.”

Nathan & I got married young for a multitude of reasons.

We got married for many reasons:

  • to defeat temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13)
  • because we loved each other
  • we knew that we were each other’s “one” ! So, why wait? Why wait to tie the knot when we knew it was time?
  • We knew the Lord was calling us to become one before Him in holy matrimony
  • we LOVE to snuggle- getting married meant we could snuggle all night. (Which we totally don’t bahahah)

So, why not get married young? I halt here to say, get married young IF you know the Lord has said yes to this and ONLY if He has said yes. If there is not a peace from God about getting married young or old, then don’t. That’s a whole different road.

Because I got married young, I get to enjoy every day with my Nathan. Whether we see each other for one hour of the day or we have the entire day, there is something so special about coming home to one another. I love to be “wife”. I love to clean and cook for my guy. I am no where near the best, but I love to try. I dream of being momma to our babies and the best wife I can be. It’s who I want to be.

I love that because I married young I get to spend even more time with my guy in the long haul. I love that because I married young Hannah Kelley will be on my diploma at graduation. I love that because I married young I am able to create a home in a student apartment. I love that because I married young I am able to connect with other people about marriage and various life subjects.

Y’all, I am not too young. We are not too young. I will choose Nathan every single day for the rest of my life.

So, to all of y’all out there who are contemplating marrying young-

  1. Pray about it.
  2. Wait for the Lord.
  3. Hear the Lord.
  4. Based on that answer from the Lord, make your move.

Don’t be afraid about what other people will think. I cannot tell you how many people asked me if I was pregnant just because we announced we were getting married. Every single time I told them that it was not even possible for me to be pregnant. Some believed me, some didn’t. I reckon by this point they probably believe me, haha!

Guys, marrying young is a gift and a treasure. As long as the Lord has blessed it and said for it to be apart of your life, then rock on!


the girl from Generation Z who married at 21

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