Dear guys…

Dear guys,

Meet her needs. A relationship works two ways. She meets your needs and you meet her needs. It isn’t a give and take, a 50/50, or a I will if she will. It’s an “I choose to love her in this way because this is what she deserves.” It is learning to put aside your own desires once in a while to do something that makes her feel special.

Meeting her needs requires studying her. What is your lady into? Hobbies? Interests? What feels her love bucket? Maybe she needs quality time with you, maybe she likes gifts, maybe she likes words of affirmation, or physical touch. Meet that need.

Is there something that is so special to her that should be more recognized within your relationship? I am sure there is, most girls and even guys hold something(s) close to their heart that is worth the time to focus on.

Celebrate her. Treat her like she is the most important person in this world and mean it. There is nothing like being celebrated by the man God gave us. Surprise her. Make time for her. You plan the date or the night in.

Be slow to anger or frustration. Something my husband does every month is so essential to our relationship. Every month majority of girls are incredibly as we call it “hormonal.” Our emotions are everywhere. One minute we are angry, the next minute laughing, and the next sobbing because the world is ending when we can’t have cheesey fries. It makes NO sense. I know this, but we cannot help it. Like seriously, we just can’t. We are as miserable if not more than you, I promise. But my sweet husband, every single month, is the kindest ever. No matter what, he chooses to love me, say kind words to me, and provide me with whatever it is to help as much as possible. He never puts me down for the way I feel because he knows when the week is up, the emotions are back to normal. He forgives my apology every month with grace. Do that guys. Understand that women’s emotions are insane. Be patient with her. Give her grace.

Lastly, communicate with her. When something is bugging you, tell her. If you really feel like something is wrong, tell her. If you feel mad, tell her. But guys, you have to communicate in a positive manner. Not yelling, screaming, nor cussing. Sit down and talk it out. Whatever scenario is best for you when you talk things out. For my husband & I, we snuggle when we need to hash things out. It sounds nuts, I know. But when we touch each other, we break the barrier of frustration as the physical touch brings forth a reminder of the love we share. So, find something that works for you and your lady. Talk it out, pray it out, and don’t give up until the issue at hand is resolved.

Guys, treat your lady right or someone else will.



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