To choose home school or public school?

I know this is thinking so far in advance, but I think about it soo just go with it..

In today’s world, things are crazy! Never in my entire life do I remember such havoc wreaking everywhere. Bombs. Guns. New insanely corrupt legislation. Morals following into holes and getting buried. Like y’all it’s wild out there.

However, I am not disregarding the good either. I have watched as so many people have taken a stand for what they believe. I have watched people love in countless ways. And I have saw the passion that has arisen in so many areas due to it all.

So, here’s the dilemma. Do I home school my (future) children or do I send them to school?

I know that I am not capable of homeschooling them past a certain age because I do not feel that I would be capable of giving them the education that they rightly deserve. I have saw the effects of poor education from schools or teachers who lack and it stinks for those kids. For instance, in high school I had this teacher named Mrs. Hendrix for English my sophomore year and my senior year. Y’all, this lady was a God-send. She is the reason for my writing skills. I mean sure, part of my love for writing is the nature of it, part of me that God instilled in me. However, Mrs. Hendrix is the reason that I can cite a source, break down a sentence into different components, write a 20 page research paper with no problem. Like literally it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with how she taught us, how she relentlessly gave us papers to do in every little “free time”, and how she did it all with a sense of love. Every time we moaned or groaned at the sight of another paper, she said something like “Guys, I just want you to be prepared for college” in the softest voice. She was a jokster too, always keeping us on our toes. Y’all, I can’t give my kids that. I can write a paper all day long, but you want me to teach them how to write a paper? Nope, can’t happen. I am so bad at teaching. I just take over instead. So you see what I mean?  I want my kids to have a teacher like Mrs. Hendrix who will show them love, yet teach them in ways that will help them be successful. I want them to have a teacher like Mrs. Smith who will show them what pouring their heart out into something they are so passionate about is like. I want them to enjoy football games under the Friday Night Lights, but I want to keep them home and cover their little ears from the words they may hear.

If I home school my babies, then I can keep them safe. I can watch over them.

I think that each set of parents finds what’s right for their family in this home school v. public school debate. It is not necessarily what is right or wrong, but what is right for your family and what your child deserves. What are you capable of giving your child?

For us, I think that we may choose to home school our kids in the beginning ages. I want them to have a solid foundation of Christ and His love before I send them out into the world. Maybe not, maybe the Lord will show me a different pathway because these are just my ideas. So, I want to keep my babies at home. I want to home school them, but I want to send them off when I feel that I am not capable of giving them the education they deserve, when I feel like they may need socialization past mommy and their brothers/sisters, or when I feel like friction may be growing between us due to the stress of schooling. And if that is the case, if that is where the Lord guides us, then I know that my little person’s heart will be prepared to take on the world past the little bubble mommy had him in.

I want my child in the schools because I want my child to be a beacon of light for Christ. I want them to love other kids so fiercely that every child is a cool kid. I want my child to show others what it is like to understand Christ’s love. I want my child to experience the world and what it has to offer because I believe that will draw them even closer to Christ. I want my child to experience the amazing teachers that are in the school system. I want them to experience the fun of having school spirit and the feelings of adrenaline rushing through your veins during the ball games against the arch rival school. I want them to experience teaching from teachers because teachers work hard to become their teacher and be their teacher.

Truly, there is no right or wrong. There is a right and wrong for your family and for your child’s education, but not a rule of right nor wrong. I say that if you are ensuring your child’s success and you feel that you are doing what Christ has told you to do, ROCK ON!! 



the future mom debating in her head far too far in advance


Photo credit: The Mullins Photo Co.

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