Flipping patties, slinging grocery, & corporate meetings

Hi friends!

So, I have had a few different jobs since I turned 16. I have worked at McDonald’s which I hated with a passion. I was just thrown in the mix and never trained. On top of that it was the busiest McDonald’s on the East Coast, supposedly, so that didn’t help the not being trained part. Very stressful!!

From there I went for an interview at Food Lion & God knew just what I needed. I got the job and quit McDonald’s. My job at Food Lion was great. I made some awesome friends, had great managers, and it was a totally great environment. I ended up transferring to another Food Lion near my school so I could continue working. I am now going on my fifth year with the company and have upgraded from cashier to office associate.

My most recent job (alongside Food Lion) is Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. Which I have loved! It is an incredible environment full of lovely people. The work here is my passion. It is what I am going to school for and so much more.

See how my careers have progressed from something I hate to something I love?

Welllll, my sweet Nathan has worked at McDonald’s for like five or six years now. He started their in high school and has been there ever since. This has been his what we call a “school job.” And it’s been a blessing to him. He gets frustrated of course, that happens at every job, but he does his job with an attitude of gratefulness for the Lord. Not to say he’s perfect, he does slip like every other person.

One day we will both be at bigger jobs… careers, haha! He will be a doctor of physical therapy and I will be a social worker, and even then, this thing I am about to tell you still will apply!!

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men.

Y’all it does NOT matter what you do in your life. If you flip patties, sling groceries, dig ditches, if you are a doctor, or a professional, whatever you do, do it for the Lord. We are called to have good attitudes about our work, to do everything honorably even when we are not being watched, and to do it enthusiastically as if we are working for the Lord. Because you know what, we are! We are blessed with our jobs.

I don’t believe that I really held tight to this principle for a long time in my life, however once I knew it, I knew that this was necessary to hold tight too. And let me tell you, it transformed my day to day work life. Entering your job or career with a positive attitude, believing you can make a difference in the workplace or your co-workers, and allowing God to use you in your workplace when He calls you to it, let me tell you it is transforming!

So, for everyone who hates their job, who has a hard time with where they are at, or may struggle with being honorable about working when unsupervised, I encourage you to jot down Colossians 3:23. Memorize it, study it, meditate on it, and see if you see change in your day to day life at work. I believe that you will be filled with greater joy and may even enjoy your job a little more.

Not to say that you shouldn’t change jobs if you hate where you are at because I fully encourage you to find somewhere where you will be happy. But there is a difference in joy and happiness.

Joy remains when happiness is absent. Happiness is temporary, joy is permanent.

You see guys, you can find joy wherever you are. Hold on tight to your joy and build it up. Seek happiness, fun moments, fulfilling moments, but allow your joy inside to remain constant.

This is a working process, something that takes time to learn about yourself and how your joy can remain at a constant. For me, I have to closely monitor my attitude. When my attitude starts turning bad, my joy starts leaking out. When I remind myself to keep a good attitude that is pleasing to the Lord, no matter how hard or stressful the situation I may be in is, I feel joy and peace from the Lord.

So friends, I encourage you- work like your work is for the Lord. Be joyful.

Grab a coffee or Diet Pepsi… or whatever your special drink of choice is & lets head on this journey together!





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