City of Hope in Tanzania, Africa

Hi everyone!

I have exciting news! My sister, Grace Pittman, is going back to Tanzania, Africa to the City of Hope!

This will be her third trip to the City of Hope. Her heart belongs there. It won’t surprise me if she ends up their for life one day. She craves and thirsts to be in the land where she has so much love and passion .

The City of Hope houses children, educates them in what they refer to as primary and secondary school, gives healthcare to children, and raises them up to be good leaders. These kids get some of the best education in Tanzania. They are ranked #22 in in Tanzania and #1 in the Mara region!! This place is really a great place. A ton of horrible things happens over there and the City of Hope is a place of safety away from such tragedy. If you are interested in learning more about the City of Hope click here and explore their website! It is really neat and worth the read.  I attended a banquet this past year for the City of Hope and they are truly doing amazing things for these kids.

Grace’s first trip to the City of Hope was in 2016, a short term trip. On this trip she painted beds and prepared dorms for the children.

Her second trip was long term in 2017. She spent time tutoring the children, helping in the clinic, teaching Sunday School, and engaging with the kids.

This is now her third trip! She will be gone June 2-25. During her time there she will tutor grades 1st-3rd and spend quality time with these kids. Many of the kids she has formed lasting relationships with and is excited to get back and be with them again.

She has a GoFundMe page set up if you feel led to support her in this trip, click here to see it.

Grace will also be collecting twin sheet sets, towels, flip flops, Christian children’s books, tools, coloring books, and crayons to take to Tanzania.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child here is the link!

And most importantly, she needs your prayer. None of this would ever be possible without the good Lord. Pray for her safety, well being while she is over there, and for the Lord to use her how He sees fit.

On behalf of Grace & myself, thank you for your prayer and your donations. We are so appreciative of the support you all have showed her in the past and continue to show her. It is so incredible to see God’s hand moving in such amazing ways.

If you would like to read about her journey coming up and her previous trips you can follow her blog here!





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