Catching the right little things

This week I’ve been at CARE training all week as part of my job & internship & I have LOVED it. Seriously the best training ever like way better than a class I’ve ever took. It’s interesting, educating, and enjoyable. Anyways that has nothing to do with this really.

So today I was told “you’re one of those people who catch the little things” when joking with someone else at the training. I laughed and agreed.

But on the way home I got to thinking- so much comes along with catching the little things.

When joking around with people it makes things funnier. But what about catching the little things like people’s snide comments? The glare on their faces? What about the ugly remarks made to you?

Of course we are all guilty of hurting someone in this way & being hurt in this way. We are humans and no where near perfect.

Being on the receiving end of this deal, I encourage you to not hold onto the little things. Forget the ugly comment that was said. More than likely they didn’t mean it and were speaking in a heated moment, out of jealousy, or a reason that hasn’t surfaced. Don’t over think the look on her face. I would almost bet it’s just a natural face. Or if not, she will get over it.

When we over-read things such as facial expressions & snide comments, we tend to harbor them inside. We mull them over. We think of a million ways we should have responded. And we allow ourselves to be hurt. We build up barriers. We can take one little thing and allow it to create an entire wall of hurt and pain.

I am a PRO at this. Seriously. Ask my husband. I can know that someone loves me, cherishes me, finds a friend in me, but I can hear one thing from them where they meant nothing by it & find myself wondering if they are upset with me. Nathans common answer is “babe they were playing” or “babe you’re overthinking it.” And y’all he’s right. Whether someone is intentionally hurting us or not, let’s try to not let ourselves catch the little things that hurt us.

Let’s dismiss those hurtful little things & harbor the joy filled, laughter filled, & lovely little things.

Lets hold onto the little things such as: watching our babes sleep, seeing the smile on our loved ones faces in a joyful moment, experiencing lifelong memories with friends, the joy of the Lord reigning down on so many people, & the nice taste of coffee that revives is throughout the day.

Find your little things that bring you life.

Here’s to holding on to the right little things & improving our well-being. 💓



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