With the passing of the NY law, my arms opened & my table extended.

I cannot quit thinking about the new law that has been passed in the state of New York. I have spent so much time in the past couple of days reading the law, reading people’s opinions about the law, reading medical professionals comments about it and so on…

Never in my 21 years have I heard of such a decision.. I have never saw one single decision rile so many people up. People who never comment on decisions made by politicians are speaking up (Including myself!) because this is huge. We are literally ripping lives away from innocent babies. The second conception happens, life is given.

To those who thinks that the fetus is not a living breathing person, what is the purpose of termination?? What are you terminating if it is not alive??

I have looked at this decision from the viewpoint of so many:

  • The person who wants rights over there body: If you do not want a baby to take care of then avoid what creates a baby. If you choose not to and you do happen to get pregnant, I beg you to give that baby up. I know so many people including myself who would welcome babies into their homes and promise to love them as their own. I will do that. I will take your baby and raise it. I will love it, I promise. My husband will love it and promise the same. SO  many people will do this.
  • The mom that is struggling to live: Check out social media right now. I have saw so many testimonials arise from all of the feelings about this new law. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are all claiming that there is ZERO  reason for a later term abortion. C-sections are an option and they are much quicker to perform than a late term abortion. Induction is an option. If you are being induced to deliver a dead baby, why not get induced to deliver a living baby? Allow that baby a chance to live. Modern medicine and medical technology is insanely advanced and has saved so many babies. To top that, God’s hand is more powerful than all of that. And in the rare chance that Momma may die, you gave your life for the greater sacrifice and we will forever honor you and your decision. However, it is rare. It happens, but it is rare.
  • The mom who does not want to sacrifice their life: Momma, you do not want to give up your lifestyle to raise a baby? Refer back to point #1. I will take your baby. Others will take your baby. Please please please, do not abort it.
  • The person who believes abortion is killing a cell and not a baby: The second fertilization happens, life is formed. Check out this image: Image result for pictures of baby from conception to 9 months
*Google Images

Every single month that baby looks like a baby.

Turtle eggs are illegal to kill. Why turtles? Because they are cute, we could cause them to become extinct, etc. Why do humans care about turtle eggs, gorillas, trophy animals, but not about the sanctity of human life? I’m not even saying caring for animals is wrong, heck a lot of my loved ones are incredibly passionate about animals. What I am saying is that, God made humans both male and female, in His image. He did not make animals in His image. He made animals for us to eat, to enjoy, to fill the Earth, and even for some to find companions in.

Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

So lets pause here. I have been told that I need to read up on this legislation before speaking out. So FYI, I am fully aware that this legislation is for mothers who may be in an emergency situation. I am also fully aware that there has never once been a need for a full term abortion (or quite frankly abortion in general). No need. None what so ever. Give the baby up for adoption. Seek out people who love you and want to help you. Modern medicine is so good. Doctors are capable of so much. Give me your babies. I will take them and love them. I bought binkies (passies, pacifiers, insert your name for them here __________) last night for the heck of it. I already have one of the baby’s needs! But seriously I myself and so many others are so willing to love you and to love your little one. With grace and love friend. Grace and love. Abortion does not have to be the answer. Look at your community and look past your community. You have an army of people waiting to be here for you to help you along the way. Link up with us somehow. Seek us out. Let us help.

I hope that every reader of this blog post understands that in no way am I or will I debate, that I am not asking for an argument, or anything of the such. I want to simply show women all around that there are other options & so many people who want to surround them in love and empower them to create life. ❤ Women are beautiful creatures and their bodies are created in such a unique way. Let us surround one another, build a longer table, take hands, and love one another. Let us raise one another’s babies as our own when the need arises. Let us love.

And one last note, to all who have had an abortion before, I encourage you to allow yourself grace. Talk to God, ask Him for forgiveness and for guidance to move forward. My aunt said it like this “I am not trying to rub salt in a wound. Grace and love friend. Grace and love.” And that is exactly what I want to encourage you to do. Extend yourself grace and seek out Godly love.

Dr. Blackwell says “Seeking uplifting people is worth the time and effort it takes.”



I love you all. New and old. Let us surround one another, build one another up, create life, share life, and do life together. Grace and love.




2 thoughts on “With the passing of the NY law, my arms opened & my table extended.

  1. I love your pro-life stance! I really hope that you stand by the statement that you make and are prayerfully considering fostering and adopting. There are so many children that don’t have a parent to love and care for them and aren’t we called to love each person as God’s children?


    1. Definitely am! I am actually graduating school to be a social worker with intent to work with foster children. Later on plan to be a foster parent, God willing! Thank you for your kind words 💓


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