Feminism once classy and now trashy

Feminism used to have a strong meaning behind it. It use to stand for women’s rights, for equal pay, for voting rights, for women to be seen as more than a housekeeper and the child bearer.Β  It meant empowering women to be whatever they wanted to be, whether a woman working a corporate job, an entrepreneur, or a stay at home mom. Women supported other women. They were classy in their bold pursuits. They were strong willed and did not back down, but they were never nasty.

Feminism has turned into a fad. It has turned into a fad that places shame on women and strips them of their dignity. It has turned into women wearing derogatory hats marching for rights, what rights exactly??

Women have earned the right to vote, they run their own businesses, they hold top corporate jobs, and are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want in essence of what a man can do now. So, what exactly is the problem?? Why can women not be satisfied??

(Side note: At one of my jobs, out of the top 4 manager positions, 3 of them are held by women.)

Women no longer empower women. Well, they do, but I mean all inclusively there is a division. And why exactly? Why is there a division amongst us when we should build one another up, push each other towards our goals, and support each other with genuine love and kindness?

Women have lost their class. Again, not all women, but you know what I mean. Women marching in the street naked trying to achieve their goals, trashy. Not classy at all. Back in the day when women wanted something they lobbied for it, they wore clothes in their marches, and they were respectful of the higher person. Please tell me how in the world you are going to earn an upper hands respect when you are showing zero self respect? Let’s be real.

It is time to return to class friends. It is time to support one another in our endeavors. Forget the name calling, the disrespect, the trashy ways, and put it all aside. Learn how to have respect for yourself and for your fellow neighbor. Learn how to bring class back into what you do. Sure, lobby away. Walk in the marches, but honey put some clothes on. Get rid of the vulgar language and use a please and thank you. That’ll earn you some class and respect, may even get your foot in the door for whatever you are trying to achieve.

As feminism stands right now, I find it a disgrace to women. The feminism of the past makes me feel proud of the women who came before me. Makes me proud that I have the right to vote and to choose what I do freely. Makes me so proud that I plan to have a career post college and one day be a stay at home mom. The best of both worlds granted to me by their hard work.

**Note here that I have a complete understanding that past nor present is 100% of all women grouped into one category. I am only speaking relatively.

So gals, lets empower one another. Lets be classy. Lets stand up for what we believe. Lets present ourselves with confidence while keeping our dignity. A lady who dresses as a professional and comes across respectfully yet knowledgeably will go so much further. I encourage every woman to support your neighboring woman. Find causes that you are passionate about and run the race together. Find businesses who lift up all women and support them. Support each other. Be a friend to one another. God created us to do life together. He asks us to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Him. He asks that all we do to be done for His glory giving Him praise and honor.

Friends, I encourage you to take these thoughts and mull them over. Be a friend. Give God honor in all your ways.

So much love for you gals,


11 thoughts on “Feminism once classy and now trashy

  1. Totally agree about the empowering and keeping it classy in a satisfactory manner when discussing women (feminists).
    From neutral perspective, i believe women walk around naked or “revealing” in these feminist marches due to this idea of double standards and “if men can walk around shirtless so can I!” type of stuff.
    The range of different types of feminists you get throughout each generation still blows my mind! πŸ™‚
    And you’re right! We have the right to vote, to be business owners, etc. But what about the SOCIAL movement of feminism? For example, how women are judged based on appearance rather than education or experience? Why does every female candidate appear on top headlines for the type of skirt they wear? Those are just a few examples πŸ™‚
    I’m not pulling this stuff up out of mid air either. I’m a medical student wanting to become a doctor (a male dominated field if you can believe it) and i see the social inequality.
    I would just like to know your intake on the social perspective of feminism? I’d love to read it!


    1. I totally agree with you that women are not 100% equal with men. My husband had a speaker come to his Physical Therapy club at the university and the speaker stated “A woman will not get a job unless she has make up on.” Like what does make up have to do with anything, haha?? I think that women have came an incredibly long way from where we started and that we should be thankful for the strides made. And as women fight for more rights or equality with men, if they do so with class and respect for themselves and others, then I think they will get much more of what they want as well as represent women as a whole in a much more professional manner. Women were not created to be made equal with man and I think that is something to keep in mind, however I do believe that we are capable of so much. But running around naked is not going to enhance the rights we receive or the respect we receive. I do not think that man or woman should run around naked. It is disrespectful to self and to others around. Say that I had to hire an employee for my store to be one of the leaders and I had an option of a male who seemed professional and a woman who I saw on rallying for her rights with zero clothes on or derogatory hats on her head or something of that nature, I would lean towards hiring the male because her actions puts a face to my company. So, that is kind of what I am saying here. Women have every right to fight for what they want. I personally think they have done an INCREDIBLE job at earning us the lives we now live. I just think that the current movement of most (not all!) feminists is embarrassing to other women and that if they would look at what they are doing from a different perspective, then maybe they could see greater change. πŸ™‚

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      1. Agreed! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
        It’s definitely something everyone needs to hear. There are better ways to get the point of feminsim across.
        Like i believe, feminism and all these other movements are changing as the generation becomes more expressive, radical, and free lol.
        Cant wait to read your other blogs! πŸ™‚

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  2. As long as we have men like Donald Trump running the country, there will be a need for feminism. The onus on being classy should apply to everyone, including our President.


    1. Regardless of each person’s view on our president, and regardless of the need for feminism, I think we all can control how we act. We can never control other people or choose their actions for them. We can potentially influence other people’s decisions but each person makes their own decisions. I believe that if we each are able to just do our own part, then the world can be better. We can’t choose to do something or act a certain way just because someone else is. Well we can, but the point of this blog is that by doing that it will get you no where and most likely not earn you any respect. (You as in a person in general, not “you” lol!)
      Essentially what I am trying to say is, I need to act in a manner that will earn me the respect I deserve regardless if I like my higher up or not and regardless of how they act. If I have a boss that screams at me day in and day out in front of all of my coworkers I understand the humiliation of that. I understand that talks like that should be done in private. And I understand the need for a conversation without screaming. However, when I become a manager years later and I start screaming at my employees in front of all of their coworkers, what change was made? I am treating my employees like trash just like I was. Now, if I take that experience and I learn from it, so now I am a manager who needs to discuss an issue with my employee, I politely pull the employee aside and talk firmly yet respectfully not ripping them of their dignity.
      The same goes for modern day feminists. If they act how they see others acting, they will get no where. They will get disrespect, ridiculed, and mocked. If they act respectfully yet head strong to achieve whatever they are trying to achieve there is a much better chance they will receive respect and the outcome they are trying to achieve.

      I hope this makes sense πŸ™‚


      1. I hear what you are saying and would generally agree. Our country and the Republican Party has hit such a low point in civility since the election of Trump. He is nothing like more dignified men such as George HW Bush.
        Regardless of whether we like how feminists use their voice, at least we live in a country where they are free to protest.
        I’m not sure acting respectfully toward someone like Trump gets you anywhere.


  3. I totally agree with what Hannah is trying to get across. When one is very passionate about their beliefs, they are taken much more seriously when they present themselves in a respectable manner. I for one do not have any interest in listening to someone who is protesting half dressed or with obscene remarks on signs or their bodies. One of the worst is when trying to get their point across by disrespecting the flag of our nation. You may not agree with our President but have respect for the many veterans who fought and were injured or lost their life for our country.

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  4. Did you just say feminism is a disgrace nowadays?

    What about feminists who deal with real issues like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)? What about the pay gap? Not only between men and women. Women of colour make even less than white women! What about politics? How is it not a feminist issue, that there is a racist, sexist President in the US? What about rape within marriage? Marital rape is still not a crime in some countries! Or generally violence against women? Or violence against marginalised groups? Stereotypes in media?

    Truth is, patriarchy runs through the whole system. And there’s so much work to do still. And if you are a coloured, queer woman, nah, I don’t think they have the same rights/privileges as you do! And as long as not every woman is free, we’re not free.

    I don’t mind profanity at all. I think women should be angry and speak their minds. Being classy is just another privilege really. Why would you silence your fellow sisters, who might use vulgarity, but are defending themselves from oppression? Did Jesus tell you not to love them equally?


    1. Yes, I stated that but not in the context you are understanding it in. All of these issues you are bringing up such as FGM are terrible and need people to take a stand for them. Feminism is not a terrible thing when done with poise, grace, and modesty. You can be hard headed, strong-willed, demanding your rights, make your voice heard, etc., without running the streets naked, using obscene language, etc. Even if you do choose to agree with profanity, what about the little children seeing and hearing all of these things?
      As for Jesus, yes He does instruct me to love each and every person and I DO with my entire heart. That is why this entire blog and every comment beneath the blog is written with love, grace and a kind heart. I wrote this blog to spark thoughts in people, not to start a debate or argument.
      I hope you understand where I am coming from. I think you just read and understood it from a different perspective than what I intended. πŸ™‚


      1. Well, Hannah, the issue with that is, that you have a specific picture (poised, graceful, modest) of how a woman should be behaving or communicating. Isn’t that what we teach girls from a young age on? Be nice? But do we teach our boys the same? Don’t we even say to girls, oh, he only teases you because he likes you? So really, we excuse boys’ behaviours, when they misbehave. How does that reflect on equality between sexes?
        What you are propagating, is in line with what patriarchy teaches. That’s where my issue is. Why do you feel the need to police women? What’s your issue with profanity?

        I also agree with this article: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/i-swear-make-patriarchy-uncomfortable-i-m-proud-it-ncna870736

        I understand where you are coming from, but I don’t agree. There are women who will read your article and feel offended. May I quote your article? “That’ll earn you some class and respect, may even get your foot in the door for whatever you are trying to achieve.” This could even be perceived as victim blaming. Just imagine a situation, where you encounter a woman, who experiences violence and defends herself by calling the perpetrator names. Would you tell her this? And you might say now, that I took the sentence out of context. But when you voice your opinion, you need to think about how you deliver it and how it might be perceived. What I’m trying to say is this, some women are not in a position to be nice all the time. And when a woman starts policing them for that, instead of listening to them and trying to help them, then that is everything but the support, empowerment and cooperation, that you are trying to get to.

        Also, another example: when you say that in one of your jobs, 3 out of 4 managers are female, what exactly does that prove? That’s one experience. You do know what the numbers say? They, unfortunately, tell a different story. And what about the other jobs? What’s the situation there?

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with arguments and debates by the way. They’re healthy. It’s one way of learning πŸ™‚


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