Are hand written letters old fashion?

One of my most cherished belongings is my box of special letters I have received over the years. This box includes cards from my grandparents, my parents, drawings and notes from my siblings and cousins, and love letters from my man whom I cherish.

Every year I can count on my Dad sending me a birthday card with a sweet note in it reminiscing on my birth or something special about his first born that makes me cry every time.

Every holiday, anniversary, and even on ordinary days, I receive long love letters from my husband. We started this when we first began dating and never stopped. It gives us a way to keep on dating in our marriage.

Every so often my baby siblings will send me drawings in the mail or little crafts they have made for their “sissy”.

Y’all these are the things I cherish most. I would choose a love letter over a material item ANY day.

So, are love letters old fashion? 

I don’t really know the answer to that question, but whatever it is, I choose it. Old fashion or modern, I choose yes to it.

Think back to middle school and high school, passing notes in the halls between friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, whomever, it was so special and fun. I felt joyful watching others pass notes, knowing someone cared enough about that person to write a paper full of feelings down just for them. I am sure the teachers do not appreciate students writing notes in their class, but I guess it is apart of school and growing up. Definitely a fun memory. To all the teachers, these notes are always written in study hall 😉 and you guys are totally amazing for what you do!

When I was in middle school, my friend and I would pass a notebook back and forth every day writing notes during class. It was a special notebook that came with a special pen, it was nothing ordinary and nothing that could ever be used for anything except for our notes. Even when I moved away I remember that I never once used that notebook for anything else. It was sacred to our friendship.

There was a lady at my Dad’s church that wore the ashes of all of her love letters in a locket around her neck. Her husband had passed and she chose to carry those memories with her everywhere she went. She talked so fondly of her husband. I imagine she was as in love with him at her older age as she was when she married him if not more. Those letters she wore around her neck seemed to be one of her most prized possessions.

Ya see? Letters can be so incredibly special. So special that I plan to eventually purchase a fireproof safe one day to protect all of my special letters.

So, I say all of that to say this, if you don’t write letters, try it. Guys, your lady will swoon, I am talking you will receive way more than just a couple brownie points. Ladies, guys love to receive letters just as much, I assure you. They all seem so tough on the outside, but they aren’t. Write your man a letter and I bet you after he reads it all his sappy love will pour out. Write your kids and grandkids letters. Cherish it all.

These letters are so special to me. I’ll donate a box of tissues to you if you try it 😉


Let’s hear your stories about letters you have received or given in the comments!




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