Why “Fifty Shades of Grey” is not okay

Good morning guys!

The past couple days I have been thinking about “Fifty Shades of Grey” and how it contaminates our minds, often with us not even realizing it. I have never watched Fifty Shades, but from the things I have heard people say about it, it is practically a porn show if you ask me.  I am sure some would argue that it is not and how it is a movie filled with romance and whatever else, but hear me out.

Point number one: Fifty Shades is sexual activity on a screen. Porn is sexual activity on a screen. See the resemblance?

Point number two: This movie advocates for sexual activity before marriage. It takes an act that is meant to be private and beautiful and turns it into something that is for show, a game for others to compete in, and makes sinful nature to be seen as okay.

Point number three: To all the Christian ladies, if you are waiting until marriage to give yourself away, do you think it is okay to go ahead and give your mind away by watching films such as this or reading books with similar content?

Friends, this movie/book is not okay. You may think that watching it is different than actually performing the same act, and in a way it is obviously. However, you are still giving yourself away. By watching such films you allow those thoughts and images to creep into your mind. It gives way to temptation. It makes waiting til marriage harder. Think about when you are in the heat of the moment and trying to make sure you don’t break boundaries with your boyfriend, when images from movies such as Fifty Shades pop into your head it is going to make it a heck of a lot harder to keep that boundary in place.

I think that at some point we have probably all watched a movie with a scene in it. The Notebook, one of the #1 movies in the world, a movie that every girl swoons over, has a sex scene. I have watched it countless number of times in the past and you know what I learned from it? It never made keeping boundaries any easier. By watching it, I stated that it is okay for people to show their body to the entire world. Shameful.

Movies, shows, books, and whatever other entertainment you enjoy that has sexual scenes in it provide inaccurate depictions of such acts, make it seem okay to engage in premarital sex, and make us numb to the fact that it is sin.

Think about it like this: We do not want our boyfriends, fiancees, or husbands watching porn, right? It is degrading, misleading, hurtful, and a million other things. So, what exactly makes it okay for us to watch naked men and women perform acts on a screen or read about it in a book?

I feel like this blog sounds a little preachy, so let me stop here and say that I do not want you to take it that way, at all. Like seriously. I just want this to be food for thought. I remember when I was younger, well practically until I moved out of the house, I was incredibly sheltered. As a child I was not allowed to watch Rug Rats, Teletubbies, or Pokemon ( I don’t know why, never really looked into it). As a growing child and teenager, I wasn’t allowed to watch anything over PG. I always thought that my mom was being ridiculously over protective. I would go behind her back and watched what I wanted with a friend. It always disappointed her. I always thought it was stupid. As I have gotten older I understand why I was never allowed to watch over PG. I understand with every fiber of my being. It is not because I was not old enough, because I was being hid under a rock, or whatever other excuse I could come up with. It was simply because those movies are degrading, they numb you to sinful acts, they influence you to lower your own morality and boundaries, and in no way do they support anything that is of Christ. Quite frankly, it is complete opposite of Christ.

So let me stop again here and say this, if you have messed up it is never too late. Christ takes you as you are. He allows you to be renewed in Him. He forgives us of our sins and helps us to walk with Him, if we ask. This is important to remember sweet friend <33 His grace is sufficient for our weakness.

So guys, I hope you have pondered these things with an open mind and that it has given you something to think about. May we all live by the song “O Be Careful Little Eyes.”

Mathew 5:28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Love love love you guys!!



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