Our story

On this very day three years ago, Nathan came to pick me up for a football game a few hours away. Not only did he pick me up, but he met my ENTIRE family at one time. Y’all my family is huge & my Pa grilled him. But he made it. The game was good. I heard Nathan tell one of his buddies I was going to be the girl he married. I didn’t believe him and just pretended like I didn’t hear what he said, thinking something like “he’s just saying something to look cool to his friend.” On the way home from the game, being the very impatient person that I am, I told Nathan I wasn’t trying to waste my time just getting to know him if he didn’t plan on dating me with a purpose because at this point we weren’t technically dating.  Yeah, I’m super impatient, haha! 

We’d been getting to know one another for one month and seven days. Early October I had saw a picture of this cute guy on Instagram with a couple of his friends.  I decided to tell him how good he looked. I may or may not have been on a sugar high that night. The next morning when I woke up he had responded back “thanks gorgeous.” I didn’t understand why a random guy was calling me gorgeous until I remembered the comment I put on there the night before. I blame the sugar. A couple weeks later, he saw a snapchat of me on Hannah’s (my bffs) Snapchat (all 3 of us are from the same town). He thought it was cute, gave her his number to give me. I rejected and said give him my number, which she did. I stated to her how it’s so dumb when people get to know one another by texting before ever speaking in person. Well, hold your tongues kids, because that’s exactly what we did. We talked for two weeks through text messages & then he came to see me at ECU. We were so nervous, but it all fell into place. He was my person. I was infatuated with him (actually, I still am 😍). So, we visited each other for a month at one another’s schools.

When he visited me for the first time

Visiting him at UNCP

So jump back to the night in the car when he came to pick me up…his response was “do you want to be my girlfriend?” I screamed and squealed yes and I was thrilled. Sometimes impatience isn’t all that bad I suppose. I went home that night & told my sister the exciting news of “I’m a girlfriend!!” We squealed together. The next day I told my family & they made ooey gooey love jokes the way families do ya know.

When he came over to meet my family

So, that’s that. We dated for a while & fell in love fast. He told me he loved me for the first time after seeing messages on my phone to one of my girlfriends where I was telling her how in love with this boy I am.

Not even a year in we started discussing marriage, in the sense of “I’m going to marry you one day.”

A little while later it turned into, I’m transferring to UNCP & marrying you as soon as we can get a wedding planned.

When we moved me to UNCP

July 4, 2017 he proposed to me at the grand finale of the fire works in front of my entire family. It was magical and the most perfect proposal ever. I was in utter shock. I was so shocked I cannot even remember him proposing. Thank God for pictures & videos.

May 19, 2018 I became a Kelley!

And well guys, here we are, happily married and in love. He wasn’t lying when he told that friend I was the one he was going to marry. Can you see God’s plan in that or what!?!

Happy third dating anniversary love 💓

Love always,


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