Destroying the stigma

Hey guys!!

As many of you know mental health awareness is becoming a more “popular” topic now a days. Which is good because it is necessary and real.

Tonight I am choosing to talk about anxiety. Many mental health issues exist, but for now this will be the one we discuss (I want you to discuss as well!)

People battle anxiety at many different levels. For me personally, I battle it but am usually able to sleep it off or pray it away. It’s mild. Not to downplay the effects of it, because it is tiring and definitely not fun. However, I don’t consider myself suffering from it to an extreme.

Other people battle anxiety at an extreme. They have many different effects from it. Anxiety can lead to actions like binge eating, eating disorders, suicide, and depression. Of course there are many more possibilities, but these are just examples.

I want people to know and understand that people who have this extreme anxiety or maybe even just “a touch” of anxiety are afraid to reach out to us because of the stigma that is attached to the word “anxiety.”

1. It is crazy for anyone to judge something like this, especially when they have never experienced it. When someone has anxiety, they fight & they fight hard. When they lose all energy to fight, we need to be there fighting for them. We NEED to be there. We MUST be there.

2. If you experience such feelings, please reach out to someone. If you feel that your family/friends will not be of help to you, reach out to a counselor. Majority of universities have free counseling services open to enrolled students. And there are definitely other options out there too. Just reach out! Don’t be afraid. This is your life.

3. If you know someone who battles anxiety, don’t over look it. You don’t have to draw attention to it, but check in on that person. Be a friend. Pray for them. Pray with them. If you notice they’re shying away from you or just life, force your way back in. Don’t let them shy away. But if you can’t, prayer is our greatest weapon.

4. Anxiety can be masked by a multitude of things such as smiles, laughs, social media, etc. Be aware. I guarantee you whether a little bit of anxiety or a lot, more people than you realize battle it.

Guys, I encourage you to really assess your own thoughts about the word “anxiety”. What are your mental reactions like when you hear people talk about it? Are they judgmental or are they empathetic? What exactly are they and how can you learn to renew those thoughts in order to be someone who helps another person out? How can you help destroy the stigma?

Love always,


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