Thankful for Bleach

‘Tis the season to think of all the things we are thankful for!

Last night I randomly decided that I was going to deep clean our home, I’m talking like Spring clean kind of deep, but… it’s not even spring. Y’all, I bleached EVERYTHING. I bleached our floors, our sheets, our counters, and burned candles just to add a nice warm aroma. And let me tell you, it felt PHENOMENAL. I think one of the best feelings is to have a pristine clean home to relax in. If I am being real, I can relax in a home that is junky, unorganized, and needs a good dusting because I mean heck this is real life and that’s how our home is most days. But, this morning when my husband and I woke up,  I  relaxed on the couch while he fixed breakfast and y’all it was a new kind of relaxing. I could still smell the clean freshness in the air, the lingering scents from last nights candles burning, and the view, man it was great. Not one single clothing item was on the floor. Papers were not scattered everywhere. There weren’t 589 empty glasses all over the house. All the dishes were clean. Everything was put up nicely in its place. And everything was just clean.

Today, I have been thinking about what all I am thankful for and of course the normal things come to mind such as family, my husband, a roof over my head, food in my belly, college, my jobs, etc. But then I really got thinking and I thought, “Man I am thankful for this bleach.”

Y’all know why? The bleach made every dirty thing in my home clean again. It made me feel at peace. It relaxed me. It renewed our house for a short time.

So, here’s the thing that I am most thankful for, my salvation. Y’all think bleach is great? Try God’s love. Y’all he loves us so much that he chooses to extend grace to us daily. He washes us white as snow every single day, and all we have to do is ask Him and be repentant. Talk about bleach being great, man my savior is the ultimate epitome of “great”.  He puts me at peace regularly, He comforts me whenever I need it without question, He relaxes me in every fearful and anxious moment I have. God’s love and his Holy Spirit living within me are what I am most thankful for, however I am still thankful for bleach. Maybe one day, I will get into essential oils and be thankful for those too 😉


Han ❤

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