The fine line

Dear Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, and Girlfriends,

There is a fine line between jealousy and respect. A very fine line.

Respect is creating boundaries together that you both understand and hold in high priority in your relationship.

  • Respect is hanging out with the opposite sex only when your spouse is with you. A guy and a girl hanging out is never okay when you are in a relationship. It may be innocent, but it can easily lead to other things, misinterpretations, and could damage your reputation. I mean come on we are humans, temptation is every where. Be alert.
  • Respect is dressing modestly, both husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends. There should be nothing left uncovered to make others curious. Be cute, be fancy, be whatever you want to be, but do it modestly. Allow your spouse to have the privilege of being the only knowing one.
  • Respect is telling one another where you are or asking if it is okay to do something. Not because you have to get permission like a child, but because you may not remember something that y’all have scheduled together, or because they may have a special night planned just for the two of you, or because sometimes another persons opinion gives wisdom and insight when making the simplest of decisions.
  • Respect is sharing. Sharing the bank account, sharing the last slice of bacon, sharing the things that were once yours, but are now ours. Sharing without holding anything above the others head.
  • Respect is hearing each other out, no matter your own opinion, listen with ears wide open and try to understand their point of view. Even if you cannot understand, respect is praying to understand and doing what it takes to show that you are trying to understand.
  • Respect is putting your spouses needs above your own. You want that really cute dress online, but his tires are about bald and he needs a new set? Use that money to help him buy tires. The dress can wait.
  • You get the point, respect is vital. Respect can build a relationship as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but lack of respect can make a relationship crash as fast as an acorn falling from a tree, hitting the ground.

Jealousy will kill a relationship. You ever hear people say “Aw, cute, you’re jealous”? Friend, it’s not cute. Why are you jealous? If you have reasons to be jealous, then you have reasons to work on your relationship to develop respect with one another. We can all feel jealous from time to time. It’s human nature, but it’s not God’s nature for us to stay that way. He wants us to respect one another and communicate our concerns with one another. And can I just say to all the ladies, a guy who is jealous enough to dictate your every move and decision is not the guy! Drop him like he’s hot right now. Seriously.

  • Jealousy creates fear in your relationship.
  • Jealousy dictates your choices.
  • Jealousy is the insecurity of one person seeping out affecting the other.
  • Jealousy says you cannot wear that black dress with those red heels unless he is with you because others will think you look good.
    • Respect says “Honey you look beautiful in that dress, have fun with your friends tonight. I cannot wait until you get home! Call me if you need me.”
  • You guys see the difference? Jealousy deteriorates relationships and love.


Husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends, to prevent jealousy listen to your partner. If they are concerned about you doing something, hear them out and have a respectful conversation with them. You guys find balance in that situation. Find a way to keep each other as priority, to respect one another, and to trust one another’s instincts. Create boundaries that neither of you will break to show each other the respect and love that you both deserve. Jealousy does not have to exist when respect is implemented into your relationship.

Be proud of each other, trust each other, and respect each other.

Are you seeing that fine line? Think about it.



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