Dear Soul Sister

Dear Soul Sister,

I see you crying in your car trying to get yourself pulled together before getting out where all can see you. I’ve noticed how quiet you have gotten lately and how your bubbly personality has been diminished. I see the weary, sad, and tired looks in your eyes. I see that you feel so hopeless.

Can I tell you something? He is not worth it.

Sister friend, heart break is one of the worst feelings in the world, I know, but allowing your heart to repetitively be broken by the same guy is even worse. You deserve more. Don’t allow him back after he’s been off with another.

He apologized, right? He said that it will never happen again, promised on his life, right?

Friend, don’t trust those promises that are filled with thin words. His words carry no weight. None. None. None. Zero.

If he did it the first one two and three times, he will do it a fourth fifth and sixth. I know it hurts to hear, but I feel that someone has to tell you because if not I will live with knowing I could have spoke up and potentially saw you be relieved from all of this anguish and indescribable hurt.

I know your love for him runs so deep and it feels that no one will ever be who he is to you, and you are right they won’t. Sister, when you find that man who treats you like the queen that you are,  loves you and only you, who doesn’t let his eyes wonder past you, who responds to your needs with loving kindness, and who never once makes you worry that he is out with another, then friend you have found him. And you know what, he won’t even replace the boy who broke your heart because your entire heart will be consumed with this prince charming and you will know exactly what it is like to love someone and yet to be loved back with that same kind of love. It is a whole new level of intimate love.

Sister friend, please wait. Please hold out. Don’t go back to the one that continues to break you over and over again. Give yourself time to heal. Allow God to mend your brokenness and wait for Him to bring your prince charming to you. I promise you that at the end of this road, you will find the most indescribably beautiful array of forgiveness and a new life altering kind of love. You are deserving. You are worth it. You are beautiful. You are your prince charming’s one and only.


your soul sister

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