Special bed

There is something so special and intimate about knowing each night I get to lie down next to my better half. I get to embrace his snuggles and feel whole. and then a few minutes later make him steer clear of my 3/4 of the bed so I can get my beauty rest 😉

This bed is meant to be shared by me and my husband. No one else. No one else sees the food stains all over our white sheets or the way we get so excited for it to be 9:00 so that we can close our textbooks for the night, snuggle, chat, and pray together before we fall asleep.

Our bed is a special place. It is a place where we surrender all. On our worst days where we argue, talk smack, and are the most irritated ever with each other, our bed is where we talk through the problem, pray through it, and forgive. Our bed serves as a reminder that we vowed to one another to never go to bed angry or upset with one another.

Single friends, allow your bed to serve as a reminder that it is not meant to be shared with anyone. Your bed is for you right now. Your bed is meant for you and your future spouse. No one else. All the late night laughter, delusional sleep deprived conversations, and the best snuggles in the world will fill your bed one day. Wait for that, friend. Let your bed be filled with slumber parties, loads of laundry on the half you don’t sleep on, and whatever else you see when you look at your  bed right now. Keep your bed special<3

Dating friends, that person you’re dating may be “the one”, but that does not justify sharing your bed just yet. Take this time to enjoy getting the whole bed to yourself. Take this dating time to pray about this person and for this person. When you share your bed you also share a piece of your heart. A piece of your heart given away to someone is a piece that you will never get back. Keep your bed special<3

Married friends, I don’t know what your marriage looks like. Are you still in the honeymoon phase? Are you years deep into your marriage and the fire has dwindled low? Are you years deep and everything is rock and rolling? Whatever stage you are in I encourage you to make your bed a place of sweet love, goofy conversations, and out of this world snuggles. And don’t you dare roll over mad before you have a conversation about what is bugging you so bad. Remember, a bed is special. Even the worst and hardest to have conversations are a little better when you’re in a place that only belongs to the two of you and is stitched together with love. Keep your bed special ❤

I hope you all will feel the pure joy and excitement of going to a place that is only yours and your spouses.

Every night bed time is so exciting in our house. We live for snuggles and jokes that no on else will laugh at but us.

Every morning we are grateful to be alive another day, buttttt we wish we could stay in our bed snuggling just a little longer.

Y’all, beds are special. 

My heart aches at the thought of beds being a place of fear, anger, or a place where a piece of your heart is given away to the wrong person.

So, let’s bring a revival to all of our beds. Wash those sheets, bleach them if you must. Remove the stains of fear and anger. Rip up the old sheets where a piece of your heart was given away and get a pair of new sheets. Prepare those new sheets for your future spouse. Learn to laugh and to joke again. Remember what it feels like to hold your spouse and to be held. Remember the sense of love and safety when in embraced. Don’t let these things slip right through your finger tips.

The bed is special. ❤


Love always,


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