Sweet potatoes & Duke University

…an hour later, my sweet potato sitting in my tiny little toaster oven cranked up to 400+ degrees, IS STILL HARD.

Tonight I made Italian chicken and had no idea what to have with it sense a salad is not an option because a salad isn’t even good unless it’s loaded down with ranch and cheese, but all things dairy hate me so ya know. I was rummaging through the cabinets for a trillionth time as if a side option would magically appear just because I opened the cabinet door again. So, I went to the fridge, settled on the salad knowing I would hate myself later for it, BUT when I opened the veggie drawer in the fridge low and behold the sweet potato I forgot I had bought the other day. YAAY! A yummy dinner that is healthy and won’t hurt my tummy. Win win, right??

Y’all… an hour later my chicken is done but my potato is still as hard as it was when it was bought in the store. Somehow I forgot that potatoes take like 500 hours to cook in the oven.

Welll, as I went to look at my potato hoping it was squishy looking or however a potato is supposed to look, God whispered to my soul “patience.”  If you know me, you know that my patience is at  level -38, ask my husband (haha!).

Patience is so important. Patience with people in our bubbles, communities, work places, relationships, you name it and it is important. Patience can be the key in how a conversation or situation turns out, seriously, think about it.

Even more, patience is important when waiting for God to let His plan for your life play out. My husband and I have been in a season of waiting and trusting the Lord to show us our next step. Nathan has dreamed of becoming a physical therapist for a few years now. PT school is rigorous, competitive, and expensive. Nathan is heavily involved in the HCAP club here on campus which led to him having an opportunity to chat with Duke University admissions people after hearing them speak one afternoon in a club meeting. That experience led to Nathan applying to the Duke University summer SDP program which is also hard to get into because there are only so many spots open each year. We prayed for the Lord’s will to be done because we want nothing more than to serve Him with our lives however He see’s fit. Nathan got accepted into the Summer program at Duke which gave him tons of information, knowledge, and understanding on how Duke taught their PT students, financial aid, living, etc. He fell in love with the school. He felt that he should apply to Duke for early decision. Keep in mind we are praying over this decision daily because it is a giant decision. We ask God to help us find $1,000+ to allow Nathan to apply to all of the PT schools he needs to apply for this summer. Come to find out the only school Nathan is technically eligible to get into is Duke! So, Nathan applies to Duke for early decision. Our prayer becomes “Lord, if this is your will for our lives please open this door for us but if this is not your will then please shut the door and show us what our next step in life is. Use us for your glory, God.” Nathan applies. FREE OF CHARGE. Not only does he get into the Summer program and get to apply to Duke (aka an incredibly competitive and prestigious school!!), but God took our $1,000 need for Nathan’s schooling and covered it.

we pray.

we pray some more.

Nathan gets an email to come in for an interview because they liked his application. He goes in for the interview and comes home to tell us that he felt it went incredibly well.

we pray some more.

and some more.

and some more.

a missed and returned couple of phone calls later, and y’all MY GUY GOT INTO DUKE! You can imagine the excitement in our house. Praise the Lord for being faithful. Praise Him for guiding our steps and showing us where to go. With so many bumps in the road, He still delivered us. and y’all, this would still be true if He chose for Nathan not be a PT.

So here’s the deal, do you see the extreme amount of patience we had to learn to have in the in between time?? Can you imagine how hard it is not to worry or be anxious about the outcomes, but rather to just trust God to handle the answers??

I think this is why patience is so important. In life, we will all have big, lengthy, time taking decisions to make. If we are patient in these times, trust the Lord in these times, and ask Him to lead us where He wants us, then I think the waiting in between is so much simpler and  peaceful. Patience, y’all. It’s important.

But really, I am ready for my sweet potato to be squishy already!!

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