Radically high love

Y’all I can be so crabby. I’m talking look at me and catch the death glare for no apparent reason besides rolling out of the bed on the wrong side or hormones raging through my body. But my loving husband handles every ounce of crabbyness with grace. He does all he can to make me uncrabby even when he knows that all efforts cannot trump raging hormones. He makes me food, snuggles me tight, goes and grabs me an iced coffee, or whatever I want or he thinks I may want. He is so kind, so loving, and so attentive to all of my needs.

He gives me grace just like my Father gives me grace.

It’s important to have high standards because it is important to know how loved you are and feel how loved you are even in your darkest moments. Christ loves us even in our darkest grumpiest moments, and so shall our husbands (or potential husbands). The same goes for you guys, the woman you seek after should love you in your darkest moment. Christ calls us to love our spouse like He loves the church.

Now, this isn’t to say that being a grump all the time is acceptable, but if we are real, we all have days like that, it is apart of our nature. It’s nothing that snuggles and iced coffee cannot fix.

Y’all it is important to find someone who will not only be there for the fun times, but that will be there through the hard times.

If I am completely transparent with you, I have walked through extreme fear issues. It’s probably unimaginable kinds. I was talking with someone the other day about how I felt so blessed by God giving me my husband because Nathan has been nothing but gracious to me, a helper to me, a comforter, a prayer warrior, and an encourager. Through all of these times, Nathan has been there for me. He has never once belittled me or thought that my problems were no big deal. He saw them as they are and if he couldn’t understand, he tried to understand and still reached out to me continuously. If I would have dated another boy, they would have never been able to help me and love me the way Nathan has, because Christ gave me Nathan knowing that Nathan would be the one to understand all of my needs.

Guys and gals, I cannot stress to you how important it is to wait, wait and wait some more. Don’t settle for the boy on the football team, the number one seat trumpet player, or that hot basketball player who just believes in God, but doesn’t walk with him. Wait for the person who is head over hills in love with God, who will treat you like gold, who will have high boundaries that they dare not to move down in tempting moments. People will always have sin and always have struggles because we are humans, but y’all there is a difference in living in sin and sinning occasionally.

Young people, give yourself and others time to grow up. Set those high boundaries and respect your parents rules. I know it sounds soo lame, but now that I am older and am able to reflect, it all makes sense. Those curfews are set for a reason. There is not too much good to do at late hours of the night and even when it seems it will be innocent just hanging out, it can lead to the most tempting situations. It is way too easy to fall prey of temptation. Go to bed, wake up, go hang out again. Have people around, don’t seclude yourselves into private areas day or night. If mama or daddy see something in that friend you hang out with that you do not see, respect it. Try your hardest to understand that you could have blinders on right now because that friend or that potential person to date has something that could poison your sweet soul. Take a step back and try to see from the standpoint that they are at. Try to understand that they love you and are protecting you from harm or a broken heart.

You get the point, I’m not your mama. Friend, I just want you to understand the importance of high standards. I want you to experience the kind of love that is free of abuse, free of guilt, free of shame. I want you to experience the intoxicating love that comes from a God-ordained relationship. I want you to know how wildly radical it is and how it is by far the best thing to experience on this Earth outside of the love of Christ.

Friends, if you are ever in need of material or advise on how to create high standards, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to be a friend to you and to help you through some of the most important decisions you can make in life.


Love always,


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