The eye of the storm

As most people know, the Carolina’s and Virginia was hit hard with Hurricane Florence this week. Some places are worse than others, yet all near the coast have been majorly destroyed. People have lost their homes, businesses, pets, and entire livelihoods.

It is so hard to imagine the effects of these devastating pictures and videos we all see circulating on the internet. It is hard to really understand how incredibly hard this is for people enduring it. There is so much destruction, so much lost and gone, lives gone, and I am sure more than we can truly imagine.

BUT, y’all, our God took a hurricane that was suppose to hit land at a category 5 and made it a category 1. That is not weather men reporting wrong weather, that is our God making a miracle right here right now in the 21st century. Many times we don’t even recognize the grace God grants us. A nation that has does so much against His will, yet He loves us enough to save us from a category, record breaking 5.

“In the eye of the storm, He is in control”

Amid all of this, people still have mass destruction. Let’s all be in prayer for these people who have to go reconstruct their lives, reconstruct their businesses, and so much more. Pray for the funds they need to do all of this. Pray for their physical, mental, and emotional strength to fight this battle. Pray for God’s light to continue to be seen in our country because, “In God We Trust.”

There are many ways to help these people:

There are plenty of other ways to help too. These are just resources that I personally know of that are actively helping people affected by the hurricane. I attend UNC Pembroke, where they are just recovering from Hurricane Matthew and now Florence has hit. I have saw how badly this hurricane has affected their lives and how heart wrenching it is.

Friends, lets join in prayer and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water

This is I-40 heading to Wilmington, NC. PC: Brian Eaves

Image result for hurricane florence

This was Thursday at the Outer Banks. PC: Washington Post

Image result for hurricane florence

Wilmington, NC Friday night. PC: Washington Post

Image result for hurricane florence


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