What do you see with your eyes closed?

Imagine a world where we all saw with judgement free eyes.

Imagine that you heard someone speak to you, but you could not see what they were wearing, what color their hair was, or what type of fashion they were into.

What would you see?

A friend?

Someone you can talk to without other thoughts bombarding your head?

We as humans can be the most critical, judgmental, and mean people. Sometimes I feel that it is not even done intentionally. When you are so surrounded by people judging people it is easy to become washed up in the sea of judgement.

Let’s be intentional with our thoughts, with our words, and with our actions.

Let’s see people through clean lenses.

We are all unique and made to be different.

Every single finger print in the entire world is different just like each of us. Although we may have some similarities with people, we will never be exactly identical with anyone. We are created to be our own version of us. Just as those around us are created to be their own version of them. So if that’s the case why are we judging?

Rather, lets encourage one another, empower each other, build each others confidence, and love abundantly.

Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

This is one of my favorite verses. It is so simple with such a rich and powerful command. Love is so deep and so wide. Spread it friends to people of all kinds ❤


With love,

Hannah 🙂

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