Saving Money in the 21st Century

Hi guys!!

Today I have a few tips to offer to help you save money. They can be used by the worlds best penny pincher, or by someone who has limited time to invest in such tactics.

I for one find myself a penny pincher on most occasions. I love to save money even if it is a penny. It just makes me feel good, like I am making a wise decision or something, haha!

So here are a few ways that I save money:


Shopkick- Open the app, scan items, if you purchase the item(s) listed submit your receipt, receive points, and redeem points for gift cards.

  • I have received $75 thus far from this app. I have chosen Walmart and Old Navy gift cards. They have a trillion gift cards to choose from. Most of the time I just choose Walmart to take a chunk off our grocery bill.
  • If you give this a try, enter my friend code: DEAL312839
  • The first time you use the app, you automatically get a free 250 points (AKA points)

Ebates- This one is for anyone who likes to shop online. Whenever you go to shop a website, start out from the Ebates app (or website) and then go to your intended website from there. Ebates gives you a percentage of your money back based off your total spent.

  • I have received over $100 from shopping through Ebates so far.
  • If you give this a try, download it (or go to their website) through this link (AKA my friend code):
  • You get a free $10 for signing up after spending $25

ibotta- Buy groceries from various retailers & receive cash back on those groceries by submitting your receipt or connecting your loyalty card to the app (such as MVP card at Food Lion). Be sure to check the items that you bought in the app before trying to submit the receipt.

  • I have earned over $100 on this app as well, just from buying groceries. This app even offers free grocery items from time to time!
  • If you give this a try, use my friend code: nnmgggr

Very Dice- This is an app where you roll dice once every twenty-four hours. Every day you are allowed a different amount of rolls. You save your points for whatever you want. The app runs through Amazon I believe (all my packages thus far have came from Amazon). They have anything you can think of such as, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, Christmas gifts of all kinds, hammocks, etc. Literally anything!  For free!! You just roll dice!

  • So far I have received two tubs of All laundry detergent and a set of 12 Colgate toothbrushes
  • If you give this a try, use my friend code: 704848

Checkout 51: This is an app very similar to ibotta. You click the groceries you bought & submit your receipt.

  • This one does have less offers than others, but it is still useful. So far I have received $26.50 back from this app
  • No friend code for this one!

Food Lion: If you shop at Food Lion, download their app. They have a program called Shop and Earn now. If you spend so much in a department, then you get money off your next purchase. For instance spend $30 in dairy get $5 off your next purchase. All $30 does not have to be spent in one grocery trip though, it is over the course of a month.  This app also has coupons listed that you can load to your MVP card to be used when you shop.

Walmart: If you shop at Walmart, download their app and use the Savings Catcher tool. At the end of every trip, simply submit your receipt and if any other local competitors have something you bought for a lower price, Walmart will give you the difference you paid back on a Walmart gift card.  If you drink a lot of sodas, I have heard this helps a lot with the prices of those. This is my favorite website to print coupons from.

Starbucks: If you live and breathe coffee like me and don’t already know about this, DOWNLOAD THEIR APP!! Their points are called “stars” and every 125 stars you receive, you get a free drink or food item. They also run a ton of promotionals that makes their products cheaper, and they give you a free birthday drink of your choice every year!

Sheetz: If you live in an area where you go to Sheetz gas stations all of the time, then download their app. They have tons of promotionals run by their app all of the time. They also have a points system as well where you can build up points and choose what you want for free. The last time my husband & I used our points, we got a free drink, chips, and yogurt. Then we bought two subs for the price of one I believe.




That’s all of my tips for now friends. Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks below!

Happy money saving,

Han 🙂


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