Our Magical People <3

Do you ever feel so lucky to have grandparents? Like they are some type of magical people that God gave us to guide us through life, make incredible food, and be our best friends.

My heart hurts I love my grandparents so much. They have been their for me in every milestone of my life from taking my first breath, to potty training, to my ball games and dance recitals, to the awkward middle school phases, to moving off to college, to opening up their home to me, to my wedding day, and every FaceTime date since.

I think that God gave us grandparents for so many reasons, but regardless of all the reasons in the world, I am simply glad He did.

I hope to never forget all of the memories created in their house. Memories like piling on the couch in a line, Nana rubbing my aunts head, my aunt rubbing my head, and well my hands didn’t have to rub anybodys head (haha!), while watching Gilmore Girls. Or always counting on those banana popsicles to be in the freezer after school. The burping contests in the stair case with my aunt while Nana is yelling how unlady like we are being. The annual holiday celebrations where a trillion traditions have been created. The endless movie nights with a cup of joe and a slice of pizza in my hands because Pa only gets lucky enough to have pizza when the kids come home. Every fourth of July because how much more cool can a woman when her birthday is on the 4th!

There could never be words to express my love and appreciation for these people. They are by far the wisest people I know. I can always go to them with any type of issue or decision and they will meet me with a prayer and word of advice.

I remember bringing home a guy I liked, so embarrassed to bring a boy home to my entire family the day after Thanksgiving, but I did. We were going to go to a football game out of town, so we wouldn’t be home until 1:30 in the morning. My Pa asked him what time he would have me home by and we didn’t say anything knowing it would be super late. Pa gave him a hard time, but my aunt hurried us out the door to have a good time. I reckon Pa simmered down. That night he became my boyfriend  (a story for another time 😉 ). When I told my Nana the next day, I specifically told her if she saw anything in him that I did not see that would make him unsuitable for me to be with to tell me and I would end our relationship. That is how wise she is. That is how much I trust her. The Holy Spirit is so heavy in her life. A while later, they loved him as much as I did. They took him into our family. Pa made him his “son.” Pa began to teach him all sorts of things such as changing some type of rubber thing that is incredibly gross under a toilet, to how to make a front side walk. Later, when I was ready to marry this man, we went to them and asked them of their thoughts on the matter and they loved the idea. They asked us a trillion questions to make sure we were ready for this step and when they learned that we were, they were all in.

But guys, here’s the thing, my grandparents did not just love Nathan because I loved him. They loved him because they knew he was the one God had for me. They knew that because they prayed about the matter and because they took time to really get to know him. There was a time in my life where they prayed for guys to leave my life because they knew that they were toxic to my future. They knew that God didn’t create them for me. Those are hard prayers, scary prayers, yet prayers that were answered.

My grandparents are wise, strong, full of the good Lord, my stability, my treasure on this Earth.

May we never take our grandparents for granted.

Grandparents are simply our magical people on Earth.

Cheers to our grandparents,

Han ❤


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