Not by sight

Last night as I was headed to bed and turning all the lights out, my room became pitch black. I turned my phone screen on to help guide me to my bed. Of course I am familiar with the layout of my room, but without light I can easily stub my toe, run into the corner of the desk, etc. With my phone screen turned on I was able to see just enough in front of me that I could slowly make it to the bed.

It quickly reminded me of Christ and how He guides us by faith. Often when Christ shows us our next step, He shows us only the next step and not the one that is 50 steps away.

This is what creates faith in us. If we trust Him and do as He says, we will live in His favor. However, if He tells us what He is going to bless us with before we take that next step, then there is no faith created. It is just doing something because you know the reward already.

Imagine that your boss tells you to work an extra hour and then you will receive a pay raise. At the same time God is telling you to quit that very job to take that next step in your life.

The logical answer seems to be to work that extra hour and receive that raise, right? I mean come on God, I don’t have a job if I quit. You have yet to show me anything!

Y’ALL! This is how God works. He wants us to trust Him enough to quit that job and trust that He has something even better in store for us. He doesn’t want us to listen to Him only when He tells us what the outcome will be. He wants us to listen to Him always and trust Him 110%!

This is what it is to walk by faith and not by sight. Do not be afraid to trust Him and do as He says! God always shows up. His ways are far greater than ours.

Apply this to any area in your life and watch how it transforms your faith and relationship with Christ!



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