Why choose a first look?

To the future bride and groom debating first look or tradition,

We were very skeptical about first looks when we began discussing how Nathan would first see me on our wedding day. Originally, we had chose to go traditional and let him see me for the first time as I walk down the aisle.

But, as I began reading what other brides had to say about their first looks or regrets of not doing one, I started to wonder if we should choose one.

Our biggest reason that we chose a first look is simply this: Wedding days are insanely busy and we wanted a chance to really be with each other even if just for a few minutes.

Our first look granted us alone time, time to admire one another and take in what we were about to experience, and time to pray over the commitment that was about to take place. It gave us time where we could just be for a few moments.

We are so happy that we chose this option. Both traditional and first looks are super, but I thought that I would share our little opinions to help other couples out there see what a first look is like.

It went something like this:

Nathans sweet face turned to me as I tapped him on his shoulder, his tears streaming down his cheeks, his sweet soft smile, all the butterflies in my tummy, the knowledge of knowing we are about to say “I do,” it all felt so surreal. It was so magical. We just stared at one another in awe, we giggled, we talked, we held each other, and we prayed. When we were done we were able to knock out a majority of our portraits before the ceremony since we had already saw each other. So that was nice and gave us more time at our reception.

When I walked down the aisle it still felt so magical. He still cried at the sight of me walking into our marriage. I still felt all the butterflies in the world. It was the most joyful moment.

Our first look will be something that will be engraved in my heart forever.

I hope this is helpful 🙂 Remember, above all else it’s your special day. Enjoy it how you want too!




P.S. These awesome pictures were done by the amazing Adam & Sarah Mullins. Check them out at AdamMullinsPhotography on any social media if you’re needing pictures done!

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