Kale ——- Pasta Continuum

Tonight as I was doing the dishes, trying to stand and let the giant amount of pasta I ate settle in my belly, I had a thought that seemed to shake my world for a minute.

As women (and even men) we expect so much out of ourselves due to society’s influences, but even more due to how hard we can be on ourselves.

I use to be the girl who lifted weights & did cardio two-three times a day, had a serious meal plan that I never turned from. Multiple years I did not even have a birthday cake. I was serious into fitness. I ate kale on the daily. I thoroughly enjoyed this lifestyle. It was my confidence for a pretty lengthy season of my life.

There is nothing wrong with that lifestyle. I was healthy, if not overly healthy, and I was happy. The only problem was that I was a little too hard on myself. On days I was bloated, I would be so self-conscious and freak out inside.

Now, I am in a season of pasta. I love pasta! I love to cook new meals. I love to make homemade recipes to be “that wife.” I love to lay around binging on Gilmore Girls & my latest find, Switched at Birth. My body aches, so the most activity I get is from my shifts at Food Lion or occasional visits with my cousins/siblings. I never see the gym anymore and I haven’t ate kale in a few years probably. I have had cake multiple times this year and laughed with friends while enjoying it. Not to say that I don’t keep myself healthy, I do. I don’t survive on cake and pasta (I survive on Jesus & coffee lol), but I do allow myself to enjoy these simple things of life. I am much less self-conscious than I use to be, which makes no sense considering I use to be a health nut, but hey I am happy!

So, here’s my point: There is no “right” or “wrong”, no “normal.” Do what makes you happy. Yes, being healthy is important!!  BUT, how you choose to be healthy and which extreme you choose is up to you and no one else. If you love to rip out the curls and belt out the squats in the gym & top it off with a cookies n cream protein shake, then girl you do that!! If you love to snuggle up in your bed with a good ole cup of joe and Lorelei & Rory, then do that!!



Be healthy & be happy friends. Enjoy this life, it is fleeting.

3 John 1:2- Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.

  • Gaius received this letter as a form of encouragement from John when Gaius was surrounded by evil influences.
  • As John says to Gaius, I say to you.

Be okay with who you are & you will find a new version of happy!



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