Why do girls and guys think so differently?


I have no idea why girls and guys minds are so different. We can never seem to understand the way the opposite sex thinks.

Why do girls like to tell every single detail of the story they are telling?

Why do guys not give enough detail in their stories?

Why do girls talk so much and guys talk so little?

Why do girls take hours to get ready and guys take 5 minutes?

We could come up with trillions of differences between girls and guys. Many time these differences cause fights between us. The guy gets fed up because we girls don’t get to the point quick enough. Or the girl feels like she isn’t cared about because the guy doesn’t share every detail of his day.

Jack is frustrated because Sharon is taking way too long to get ready and has now made them late to the grand opening of the new Marvel movie (Not even sure which super hero marvel is , HAHA!).

Now for my opinion: God made girls minds different from guys minds to give us things to work through so that we can be a type of close with one another that does not come easily. I think that he created our minds uniquely with purpose. Think about what you are good at verses what your spouse, sibling, or friend is good at. For instance, Nathan is good at small talk. When we are at church talking to a new crowd, he’s the one talking while I pick something in the distance to stare at until we are done, lol. I’m not a good socializer until I am comfortable with my position in the setting. On the other hand, I am good at nitty gritty details such as finances, story details, organization/decoration of our home. Nathan is good at being the man of our home. He leads and directs us with dignity and purpose. He is good at thinking out and praying about decisions before making them. I am bad about making rash decisions and getting my hopes up way to quick.

These are just a few of the reasons that I think men and women work so differently. I know that we get on each others nerves, but I think that it is so important to get over ourselves and rather than let the person annoy you, fall in love with those same habits that you find annoying. For instance, it drives me insane when I get in my car and it is littered with paper cups, water bottles, gum wrappers, receipts, and whatever other trash Nathan has hoarded in there that week. At the same time, it makes me laugh at how messy it is. It gives us something to laugh about when I throw the balled up trash at him. It is something that I don’t like, yet something that comes in the package of having him as my husband and because of that I love the trash in my car. (Take note, it still does not stay in my car. I make him get it out. But we laugh about it every time. We do not have harsh words over it.) On the other hand, I drive Nathan crazy when I tell him about my day. I start off telling him one story and by the time he has heard the end of that story he has heard 20 other stories in the midst of the one because I am terrible at staying on one topic. On top of that, he knows all of the unnecessary details of the story that has no need to be told. He just wants to know the base of the story and the outcome. He wants to know that I am okay from whatever it may be and that is good enough for him. Yet, he gives me enough love and grace that he puts on a smile and listens to me as I tell every single detail. He even tells me the details back when I don’t believe that he is listening anymore, lol!

Y’all, I think that God created us so much different from one another with the divine purpose of pulling us together and enabling us to play the roles that He created for us to pursue.

So, next time your spouse (or whomever) is getting on your nerves with their little quirks, try to find a way to fall in love with those quirks. It’ll make all the difference.

The other important thing about this, which is a huge topic for another day, is to make sure you guys communicate. In any relationship communication is key. If someone does something that bothers you, then tell them nicely. Open the table for communication. Be receptive when the person tells you their reasoning. If you are the person that does the bothering, then be receptive as to why what you do bothers them. Find common ground. Respect one another. Love one another. Use kind and gentle words. Harsh words will not help, I promise.

Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger


I promise it’s worth it,

Han <33

pc: Adam Mullins Photography


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