Dead to Life

I have this plant that I received from marriage encounter a couple months ago. When I got it I was so excited because it was so pretty, but I knew not to get too excited and make it into a permanent decoration for our home because I pretty much kill any living thing without any intention of doing such. I try my hardest to keep a fish alive and it always goes belly up on me!

Two months later and this plant has tripled in size! It even died when I was away for a week and half for wedding festivities and it came back to life when I gave it some water and sun. Crazy, right?!?

Here’s the crazy thing- As I was doing my devotions this morning and I glanced up at the pretty living decoration in our little home, I noticed that this one little plant has such a large lesson to it.

My plant that once stood maybe three inches high and straight up, now is about a foot long and leans towards the sunlight from the window. It grows towards what nurtures it and what makes it feel alive. So, this made me think. What do we grow towards? I think that we grow towards the people we surround ourselves with, whom we trust, our communities, and God. But what about when we start heading down a dark path? You start to feel dead inside, right? You feel as if there is no saving you, no light, nothing to make you feel as if you are thriving in this world. That’s how my plant felt when I left it with closed blinds and no water. It started to die because there was nothing to make it feel alive and nourished.

We have to surround ourselves with people who will build us up, empower us to be our best selves, people who will show us the love of Christ, people who give us hope and show us what true joy looks like. We need sun and water to live just like a plant, but even more we need the son and the living water. Without Jesus we will slowly perish. We will often be disappointed with no true comfort, we will live in dark days, we will feel thirsty for something that nothing seems to fill. There will always be an unfilled void in our lives when we don’t allow Him in.

Just like my plant came back to life when I got back home and gave it sun and water, so did Jesus. He rose form the dead three days later. He did this so that even when we sin, when we lose sight of Him, or when we make that decision to let Him into our hearts, we will be forgiven and accepted into His kingdom. Because of Him, the true giver of life, we can be filled with an abundance of life and joy.

Choose Jesus. Choose joy. Choose light. Choose an uplifting circle.

Be the light for others to see. Be the joy in others life. Be that uplifting circle.

Grow towards light and let your thirst be filled.


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