What to Expect & What Not to Expect

Two weeks of marriage and I have already learned SO much.

Even when you spend majority of your waking hours together before marriage, your living schedules are not synced together yet. Be patient with one another as the two of you learn a new schedule and way of life by living together.

Ladies, smile and laugh when your guy throws his clothes in the floor. One day you may not be able to pick up his clothes and you will miss seeing those clothes. Guys, put the toilet seat down. Your lady will be much happier when your home is clean(ish) & clutter free.

Don’t expect to not gain weight when you start making unhealthy meals nightly rather than once a week, because you will! HAHA! Metabolisms don’t understand that date night moved from once or twice a week to almost every night.

Get use to fighting over the covers every night, or just bring extra blankets to bed and enjoy your time snuggling.

Be grateful for each others efforts to keep peace and order in your home. I thought that it was my duty as a wife to do all of the housework, cooking all the meals, and basically everything while my husband relaxes. He was super quick in showing me that its a team effort. The only thing I do and don’t allow him to do is laundry. (Because he has a tendency to ruin all the clothes in a load of it with chapstick or other products that don’t belong in a washing machine, HAHA)

Be prepared to share space, like your closet. Get rid of all of the clothes that you haven’t worn in a couple years, but “will wear one day.” Ridding your side of the closet of unused items will actually give him a side of the closet. Remember, sharing is caring!

Still allow each other alone time.  It’s essential to still have that time to yourself and to spend with God in order to feel whole.

Mostly, enjoy this time together. Embrace each and every day together. Put your spouse above yourself and love them endlessly. God has blessed you with your person that is specially made for you alone. Time is not promised, you guys. Every second, minute, hour, day, everything is a blessing. Work together, love together, and be together.


a girl a couple weeks into her marriage

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