I Wanted A Master’s Degree

I once dreamed of having my MSW (Masters of Social Work). I wanted to be able to climb the ladder and be a big boss one day. This was my plan for myself. I would graduate with my BSW from ECU and then continue on to get my MSW at UNCG.

That was my plan though. Not God’s.

In the world of Social Work, most people go on to get their Master’s or even Doctorates. It’s how you make a better living, are able to teach at colleges, or have higher rankings in the field. It is truly a great position, BUT not for me. God had a different plan.

God began to grant me these desires to have babies of my own one day, to raise them myself, to maybe even school them for a while myself. These are desires I have never had before, but I truly believe they are from God. On the contrary, God did not take away  my desire of being a social worker. Rather, I still have that desire. I still want to help people, bring people justice, and see them be loved in their lifetime. The thing is, my desire to work my way up the ladder is gone. My desire to earn a second degree is gone because I know at some point I will most likely no longer use it.

I think that God perfectly orchestrated my desires in my heart. I still desire to have my BSW and am working to receive it at UNCP. But why do I need a MSW to put me in so much debt when I may not even ever get the chance to use it?

Many people never understand why I want to stick with my BSW until I become a mom, but I have learned to accept it. They don’t understand why I am okay settling for a low salary because I don’t care too much about money. To me, money is simply a tool to get through this life time. Money is not something that should be placed on a pedestal.

I have learned to say “It is okay if you do not agree or understand because these are simply the desires of my heart and where I feel God leading me.”

To be someone so different in a crowd full of the sames is often hard, but it will be worth it. *Note that getting your MSW and DSW is AMAZING! I am just stating it is not for me.

So, for all of the women out there who feel a calling that is a different from all whom you are surrounded by, do not be afraid to reach for that calling!

Be proud that you want to serve your husband well in the kitchen, by keeping the house nice and tidy, by having babies and raising them yourself. It is okay! It can be scary to defy gravity, but rather when you are no longer afraid to express your desires you will have a peace come over you. No matter what your God given desires are, do not be afraid. He will lead you if you allow Him.

I hope this encourages you guys to fearlessly run after whatever it is you are called to!



a girl who is walking this stage right now

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