To my future babies…

Dear future babies,

I already love you endlessly. I feel as if my love for you grows greater each and every day. I imagine your tiny little toes flying around in the air as you kick your tiny little legs. I can just picture your itty bitty fingers wrapped around mommy’s finger. I don’t know when we will meet, but I already know that you will be a game changer for the world. It’s cliche, I know. But I truly believe that God has already destined you to His work. I pray for you guys all the time. I pray for your health, for yours and mommy’s health through the pregnancy term of your lives, for your faith, for your relationships with mommy and daddy, for your safety in this bizarre world, and for so much more. You guys are so cherished already. God already knows how many little hairs will be on your head, or if you will pop out of me bald. He knows if you will be chunky or teency. He knows just how precious you truly are. I don’t know if you will come out easy or if you will make mommy be in agony for a very long time (please just be easy). I don’t know if you will cry through the night for your first couple of years, or if you will love sleep like your parents. But I know that no matter which you choose, I will continue to love you even more. {Just ignore me pulling my hair out and crying if you choose to cry all night long. I am just crying with you} Whenever we meet sweet babies, I cannot wait. You guys will be our pride and joy. You will be so loved by your family and have so many cousins already. Wait until you see what our holiday gatherings are like. I am sure all of the cousins will be so happy to have you when you are old enough to run. You will be gladly welcomed into the “run around the house and scream as loud as you can” game. It has been a traditional favorite sense your mommy made it up when cousin Noah was old enough to run.

Future babies, life will be an adventure. You will have your baby days where your worst days will consist of mommy taking too long to feed you. You will have your kid days where the worst dilemma is choosing which piece of candy you can eat because Daddy is a doctor and won’t let you eat the whole bag. Then my sweet babies, your teenage years will come. They are really hard. Even when they seem easy they are hard. I don’t know what you will be like in these years (and please know that I am never intentionally making you mad, I just have been there once before), but I hope that you relentlessly hold on to your faith. That these years you are a light in this world. I pray that when you mess up you will use it to become better. I pray that when you are crying and upset, or when something so wrong happened, or when the best thing in the world happens, that you share it with your Dad and I. I pray that we have such close relationships with you all. You guys are our treasures. We know what life is like, it can be hard, but when you have someone to lean on, babies, the world is okay. Mom and Dad will always be here for you when you’re crying over the dumb boy at midnight, when you’re rejoicing over the A you got on the geometry test, or whatever it may be. We are always always always here.

One day, you will be gone from our home. We will have an empty nest. Some say that they are so glad when their kids leave, but babies we will miss you. When you leave, our door will always be open for you and your favorite snacks always stocked. Your rooms will always be yours, my closet will still be ours, and I am sure Dad won’t mind if you sneak his last candy bar out of his “hidden” places because he secretly stocks the “hidden” places just for you. I hope that you will still choose to go on family vacations with us every year and pop in just because you miss us.

One day you will have babies of your own, my sweet babies that I do not even know yet, you will have your own. I believe that your Dad and I will be called Nana and Pa… We will love them, spoil them, and send them home to you. We will have so many sleepovers with our babies-babies. I hope we all live close, but if we don’t Dad and I will visit as much as we can. Maybe we can all live in a coldesac one day. That’s what my Nana dreams of today, but we live in three different states across the East Coast. So, maybe we can fulfill that dream for her one day.

Sweet babies, when I am gone continue our families legacy- be kind, love everyone, grow in wisdom, keep God first, and pray about everything. Remember how much your mommy and daddy loves you and love your sweet babies even more.

Whenever we see you in the years to come sweet babies- we love you already before you are even formed, we love you.

We love you already sweet future babies,

Mom and Dad

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