I have recently heard a sermon or two on praying with shameless audacity. It was amazing. It was one of those sermons that resonates with your soul, where the Holy Spirit is speaking to you saying, “this my daughter, is for you. I love to hear you trust me and lean on me. Focus on what he is saying, practice it, and learn it.” When my fiance and I left church that night we felt good, we felt refueled, we felt educated.

A little while later, I came across an article on Facebook. I don’t quite remember what the article was anymore, but I remember reading “chutzpah”. I googled the word as it peaked my interest to quickly find out it is has Hebrew origins. The Hebrew- what the Bible is often translated from alongside Greek. The word means shameless audacity, audacity. Well, this again excited me. It does not take much at all. It also served as a reminder of the sermon I had recently heard.


It has really had me thinking a lot the past few weeks, maybe a couple months by now, not sure.

To pray with shameless audacity means to pray without stopping. Do we need to see God move in a certain situation in life? Keep praying. Do not give up. God wants to see that you have the faith in Him to trust His divine timing. God is not a genie in a bottle and I think often people may forget this. He is God. He is sovereign above all else. He is the creator of all existence. Therefore, God’s plan for our lives is one that is made beautiful.

A personal example of chutzpah:

My fiance and I have been looking for apartments for after we get married endlessly for months. We have found nothing. Pembroke is small. There are not many student apartments around and on top of that only one complex has a one bedroom apartment. We looked at every option possible, even surrounding towns and counties, but nothing. Nothing worked out, so we prayed, we prayed some more, and our very focus was “Not my will, Lord, but yours.”

We keep praying.

For months on end we are praying and trusting the good Lord to find us somewhere to stay other than our car (the car was me being slightly dramatic, Nathan on the other hand is not this dramatic and knew this was not going to be the final say), so that we can finish out college. We know He has a plan because he called us to merge our lives into one, we just had no idea what the plan was.

Nothing seemed to be happening besides receiving a million no’s over and over again.

One day in the past twoish weeks I received a phone call from the guy at the one student complex that leases one room apartments. A married couple has been trying to sublease and the day we want to start the lease is perfect for them to sign over to us- GOD IS GOOD.

Chutzpah- to pray with shameless audacity- to know that God works for our good, but we need to be of good faith and trust in His timing.

I think that when we allow God to grow us is when He really teaches us how to become more like Him (not to say that I am there, but I want to be there. I want to walk in a room and His love evaporate from me so quickly that people are enthralled to hear of Him and know of Him, but I am still growing and this is a rabbit trail) so anyways, when we ask God to make us more like Him, He will do that. To simply remain stagnant, is to not be producing our best. So, to learn to be of good strong faith, we must pray shamelessly and we must not give up. We must ask God to teach us, develop us into even better people, to have faith to say to a mountain jump and it will jump.

When I attended ECU, the pastor, Chris Lineberger, once gave a testimony about his ministry in the bars. Yes, he literally went from bar to bar ministering to people. How amazing, I know. But friends, this is how real our God is. Chris was conversating with men in a bar and long story short to prove that God is real he told them he would throw a glass bottle on the ground and it would not shatter because of God. Humanly speaking this is totally illogical. God speaking, HE DID IT! The bottle did not shatter. I wish I remembered the entire story, but I do not. Regardless, that my friends is faith. Chris had enough faith in God that he could throw a glass bottle on a hard floor to prove God’s existence. Physics cannot prove this, science cannot prove this, nothing can, but God’s divine intervention. We will probably see Chris making mountains jump next. Seriously friends, pray with shameless audacity about situations, about increasing faith, about everything. Team alongside us and start the journey of praying with shameless audacity. I promise you will not regret it.

For my entire life and before my life we have prayed and prayed for a loved one to come to love Jesus, and I ask of all of you, lift this person up shamelessly, without stopping to Jesus every day. Chutzpah- trusting in the good Lord for His will and His provision.

So friends I encourage you, pray with shameless audacity. Do not give up. Pursue whatever it is that God has laid on your heart and be open to hearing God say yes or no. Pray for God to close the door if it is not right, or to open it if it is.


Friends I encourage you to remember chutzpah, in the good and the bad. Pray through your worst and praise through your best.

yours truly,

hannah ❤

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