Furious to Concerned in 8 minutes

Last night I had one of the wildest encounters with a stranger and it went something like this:

Guy: Why do you look so mad?

Me: Not sure, I’m not mad though.

Guy: Well, it sure looks like you are, are you sure?

Me: I am really okay it’s probably just my face

Guy: Well, it’s a cute face

Me: *says nothing and continues to go about my work*

Guy: So you have a boyfriend, huh?

Me: I have a fiancee actually. (I got slightly sassy on the account of his smart ellic flirting.)

Guy: (So, here it begins) What?! A fiancee?! You are starting out early. You know most couples are engaged for a year before they get married and you know that most engagements don’t work? How long have you been engaged?

Me: Well, this one is going to work! And since July 4th.

Guy: Wow and you are getting married soon? How long have you even known this guy?!

Me: Over two years and in May. (I am slightly annoyed because of his tone of voice at this point).

Guy: Wow, yeah that isn’t going to work out at all. Over half of marriages do not work out!!

Me: Yeah, well even if that’s true this one will work out.

Guy: *Gets in my face and starts yelling at me for a solid five minutes about how I will have a failed marriage no matter what I think*

So, you get the picture. I literally had a random stranger have the guts to tell me, not only tell me, but yell in my face that I will have a failed marriage because apparently there is no chance in the world that marriages can be successful anymore according to him.

At this point, I was FURIOUS and shaking. I tried to remain as respectful as possible and hide my fury though.

After about five minutes of listening to him throw out made up statistics and all of his opinions about my upcoming marriage, I rather boldly said “You know what dude, since God has called me to this marriage, I believe that it will be a lasting marriage and one that will work just fine.”

All of a sudden, the dude flipped like a light switch. His entire platform changed. He said “Oh, so you are religious huh? Baptist?”

I responded “No not necessarily.  I have a relationship with God and  I love Him very much.”

The guy got calm and said “Well…. that’s a good perspective you keep that and your marriage might just work.” In my head, I was thinking well duh, I have been trying to tell you this the whole time you rude man. But, I played it cool and he  left eventually after giving me what he thought would be good marriage advice for a first fight.

A little while later, I calmed down and I got to thinking… The man was adamant that my marriage would fail, he believed this fact so much that he had the guts to get half a foot from my face and yell it at me. Gutsy, right?

The minute I mention God, he calmed down and was a different person. Which then led my trail of thoughts on another path… If he acted out like this to me, he probably has a lot of issues that are unsolved within him that need to be worked out and he probably needs help doing so, which led me to thinking in a social workers perspective. That’s for another time though.

So, my  point. God is needed in this country. Everything that is going on and I believe it is because our country has gotten away from God. If the government would move back to its roots and foundation of God being the foundation and starting point of everything, I believe their would be less traumatic events everywhere. God’s provision is for people who follow after Him. This guy who was relentlessly telling me about my failed marriage stopped immediately at the words of God calling me to this marriage. God is sovereign. God is worthy of our hearts and our devotion to Him. When we give Him our all, He gives us His all. He is always there waiting for his people to return to Him.. I can imagine Him standing with open arms waiting for everyone to run towards Him and away from Satan’s schemes.

So, today and everyday, let’s choose God in every form. Let’s put God back in our country, in our homes, in  the movies and shows we watch, in our media, and mostly in our hearts.


Luke 6:45
A good man produces good out of the good storeroom of his heart. An evil man produces evil out of the evil storeroom, for his mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart

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