“Words Have Value!”

As I was sitting in church this morning (more like constantly moving because sitting still is about impossible), I found myself really listening to what our pastor had to say. Not just an in one ear out the other kind of listening, but my heart was listening. I felt as if the sermon was just for me. I know other people were hearing it like I did as well, but it really touched me. Jesus knew I needed to hear it and had me there for a purpose. That’s just another little thing I love about our God, He always delivers words to us when He knows we need them. Little pick me ups per say.

So hear it is: “Words have value”- Jeff Davis.

Now simply just hearing “words have value” is like whatever, obviously they do. But really dig deep and think about that. Words really do have value.  If someone uses kind words that builds you up, more than likely you will talk to them more verses someone who may tear you down. Are you more likely to hang around people who are negative about absolutely everything or people who are positive and try to find the good in situations and people?

Now think that through.

As Christians, when we want to change the world around us, or be a light for Jesus, how do we present ourselves? I really thought about that listening to Jeff this morning. I always pray  to Jesus to let me be a light for him. A prayer similar to the one in War Room when the little lady prays for God to send her someone to help. That’s what I want and desire. I realized though, my  mindset has to be right. I have to change my ways of thinking. Rather than constantly worrying about a situation, person, school, etc. I shall start praising God! As Jeff said this morning, “Thank you God for laughter in the home!” Thank God for what you believe he will bless you with!! Words have value! He also said something to the effect of thank God and claim what you believe to become true. It has no bad side effects. You are not going to lose anything from thanking God for your home to soon be peaceful and full of laughter. By worrying, you are losing joy and energy, but by praying to God and thanking Him for being the healer of all I would like to bet you that He will bring you energy and joy into your life. Why? Because by trusting Him to take care of your burdens, it takes them off of you and gives them to Him. Which in return, changes your mindset to a more positive outlook believing change can be brought about because Jesus is the maker of all, and does not like to see His children hurting! 🙂

–> Psalm 55:22 Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.

So, instead of worrying all of the time my new goal is to put value into the words I speak and claim them! “Thank you God that you are always with me at school! Thank you God that you mend relationships! Thank you God that you bring peace into life! Thank you God that you see my future when I don’t and I know that you will always carry me in your hands! Thank you God for your unending love and grace! Thank you God for saving my life and granting me so much joy!” And just like that, your life is already more joyful I think! I fully believe words have value and in believing in your words, claiming them, and having a positive mindset! Now that is a great “new years resolution” to set if I do say so myself!! (Or just a goal for the people like me who do not set new years resolutions 😉 )


With much love,

Han 🙂

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